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By stum
Yes, raw materials in, cut bend and weld. Plan is to build, wire, and program ECU (speedy) all at home. will be one of the few (if not only one) that is like that. So will be pritty cool. Plan to compete with my son.

Original plan was just to replace the chassis in my old series 1 landrover. which I use to compete 15+ years ago. but like all projects there has been a bit of scope creep.



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By stum
The Original. new chassis and motor and swap every thing else over. Yea ... nar

Series 1 landrover. Hilux diff's, ARB locker in the rear. custom suspension. 2.8 Capri V6. ZF Bedford gearbox. Landcruiser Tx case. independent 4 wheel brakes. 35x12.5x15 mud tires.

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By Rob Ashton
Very good, looks like a brilliant project, what are you using to bend the tube with it looks like 50 mm scaffold tube in the pictures? I build a Haynes roadster a few years ago from scratch but had to pay through the nose to get the roll bar etc bent into shape when I finally found someone to do it.
By stum
All the pipe work is medium wall 32mm (1 1/4") NB Black Pipe (32mm sh id, 3.2mm wall. about 38-40mm od) .

The Chassis is 100x50 (4"x2") high strength RHS aka duragalv

I have a hydraulic pipe bender, so nice and easy. but it wont do tube. I have a Freind who has a tube bender for 38 and 42mm Tube, for Motorsport rollcages. Which is what i used to bent the exhaust tube for the gokart in the back ground.

And the cage in my clasic race car. The white one on the hoist.

Yes when you have to out source work you get screwed $$$$$$$ and then its the time they take to do it.

The joys of Projects :)
By stum
Another Update, On friday got around to installing the new 02 sensor. and got it running, Got the full version of Tuner studio (apply $$) and add the 02 sensor to the gauge screen.

Fired it up and all was good. idle was controlling and the 02 display was working. Oh Yea.

Took it out and did 7-8 runs up and down the road (nice hill) in 1st letting the auto tune feature do its stuff. working on the 3-7000rpm (with a 2000rpm min filter on so it would leave the idle zone alone) and you could feel after each run it getting better. Speedie kept cutting out every now and then, Think it was coms releated between the old laptop and tuner studio.

Great feature. so on the drive home the car had a smoking problem, to a point where it blew out a tire. Yes it goes GOOD. :D And these black marks on the road...... Will have to look into that. but needs new tires (or at least ones that hold air) before I can try again. One thing that I did notice it started to idle at 3000rpm when it got hot, but I think this is just an idle setting, which I will look into next time.
By stum
Its been a while, Got the truck finished and made it to the 3rd round of the 4x4 trials. Had a blast.

lost the first engine to a blown head gasket during the first test run down the drive way, over advanced timing may not have helped that.

Unfortunately had some ignition trigger problems, but we made it through the day. When it was on song, it was SWEET.

Heres a picture of us in the shit :D


Ive since changed the distributor to 24-1 cam speed and it is starting and running more consistent. Not as well as the duel wheel on a good start, but consistent. I have a few more small bugs to find and kill.

Then I will look at adding the turbo and hopefully another 100-150 hp.

But its pretty cool when you are rubbing shoulders with guy's in the $100K truck with one you have built (inc Speedy) for less that $10K.

Free Happy Points. Now to get it running right and kick some A__ :lol:
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By stum
Just a quick update.

Round 4 is this weekend. Ive been chasing the engine problems for a while now.

Started with dule wheel, then moved to missing tooth Cam. both of these setups I had issues with and could not get the engine to run 100%.

I have made another change and have now taken anohter tooth of the main pickup wheel to effectively make it a 12-1 crank wheel.

And things are looking good. Start great every time. No timing scatter and rev's to 7000rpm (rev limit) I have not had it out of the shed yet. fingures crossed. Hopefully put that problem to bed.
By stum
Here is a few pic's of the truck getting Open heart. Working through the issues.

Bit of an issue with the camera operator, pic's of the scope upside down :)


You can see the Raw RV signal, and there are two smaller waves, which I'm assuming to be the G1 & G2 pulses being earthed causing interference on the main signal

Nice clean (sh) conditioned VR signal.
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Truck_ICU_VR_Raw.jpg (3.11 MiB) Viewed 2247 times
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By stum
Time for a Update.

Truck finished the National series mid April. And have been chasing a miss all season.

In the end bit the bullet and replaced the plugs, Lead's, Rotor and cap. which did nothing except lighten my wallet. Still scratching my head. after a bit more use, pulled the plugs to check on them. And #2 looked as good as new, where the others had a bit of colour. 2 possible causes, Spark or Fuel.

Spark - New Plugs and the timing light showed a flash, so that was working.

Fuel - Had Fuel pressure, had power to the injector, but no click click when the engine was running. Big screw driver on injector to ear is a great diagnostic tool. Deep in the spagettie wiring from Speedie to the ECU plug it was disconnected. Bummer so easy. Oh what a difference when all the cyclinders are woring :)

The Son took it to mud fest...... Not one of my smartest choices. One dead motor. The bearings are now in the sump :( knock knock, squeek, squeek.

Back to the drawing board. I have a latter model Toyota V6. 1MZ-FE, it has COP and Crank and Cam sensors and all alloy so 50kg lighter, and an Evo X turbo. So lets start the Journy again.

Thanks for all the support on the last motor. I will start a new thread for the next motor.
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