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By stum
My only experience with ign logger has been to show the main wheel.

When I was running the duel wheel, 12/1 I got a nice pattern, and could never see the cam reset pulse.

Now with the 24-1 cam I get 23 small pulses and 1 big. as above,

I would expect with a 12-1 crank (ie 24 cam with a missing tooth on each side) you would get 11 small then 1 big.

That's my experience so far.
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Speeduino only shows one channel (RPM1/VR1) so far. I heard on Slack that @noisymime is or will be working on more as a composite logger. Previous discussions included the possibility of a built-in oscilloscope, though the likelihood of that is not known to me. Of course, a cheap 'scope (useful for many other EFI purposes) is also an option. 1-channel for $20-$50 and 2-channel typically for $50-$100. More for more. ;) There are many options.


Digital analyzers are under $10 and can read digital signals for analysis (some images are in tooth-wheel sections of the Wiki). I also throw this little DS202 2-ch rechargeable unit into my tool bag for work right on the car for about $80:
By choyr
so that's why we cant see a second signal from the composite logger. Pic is from MS with the same distributor
composite logger 4age.jpg
composite logger 4age.jpg (145.37 KiB) Viewed 3010 times
By stum

Missing tooth crank - batch fire only

Missing tooth cam - sequential - Speedy can do this. Only remove 1 tooth from the 24 wheel. Earth G1, and G2. and away it goes.

That is how Im running my V6 at the moment. chasing a few small niggles. A bit of ign scatter. which im getting a scope to try to fid out where its coming from.

But starts and runs sweet.
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@choyr - to get a log of your cam signal, you can do a cranking-only test with cam connected to you crank input. Of course, you will only be able to see the cam signal, but it may answer some questions if there is a signal issue. I would disconnect ignition and fuel pump power for these or other no-run tests.

By choyr
so I had time checking the ignition logger of my distributor. first picture is the NE to VR1+, G2 to VR2+, G1 to VR2-, G- to VR1- and VR2-.

trigger settings are leading, leading, weak

second picture, i put the VR1+ to G2 to show the cam signal, since I still dont have a 2 channel oscilloscope.

I bought another distributor. How do I decide which tooth to remove that speeduino can read? is it now allowed to remove the tooth at TDC? I read the manual for megasquirt regarding how to setup the missing tooth but its different with speeduino
ignition logger NE.png
NE to VR1+
ignition logger NE.png (114.2 KiB) Viewed 2952 times
ignition logger G2 default.png
G2 to VR1+
ignition logger G2 default.png (126.79 KiB) Viewed 2952 times
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The crank signal looks great. I would switch your cam signal to Trailing and take another log to see changes. I see a lot of double-lines, indicating a possible reversed signal. While there are exceptions (like your crank signal), most VR setups will use a Trailing setting to avoid odd zero-crossing signals. that cam wheel has a special shape that may be affecting best setting.

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