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By noisymime
PSIG wrote:
Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:43 pm
noisymime wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:21 pm
Just FYI, the new homepage has now gone live over at https://speeduino.com so no one should really be landing on the old wiki any more.
The old wiki will remain in place to ensure any links continue to work. Over the next week or so, redirects will be added for the old pages to point them to the equivalent page on the new wiki.
What about links to the old Tuning sections? If I understand correctly, those sections will not be developed or carried-over, and the new Wiki will not contain functional tuning guidance. If so, what about the links in the Forum and Slack posts to those Wiki sections?
Literally EVERYTHING from the old wiki got migrated, I promise! The tuning page is at: http://wiki.speeduino.com/en/tuning/Tuning

The old wiki URL will be pointed to the equivalent page on the new wiki, for ALL pages. In most cases this will be a 1:1 with the old page, but in some cases the content has been merged or moved somewhere else, in which cases the old wiki URL will be pointed to the new location.

The tuning pages will continue on the new wiki, but they need a bit of work to both complete them and update them. Once they're ready, I'll add a link on the navigation menu to the tuning index, similar to what was there on the old wiki. Just a matter of time working through them.
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By cym
Hi all,
Thanks for all that really great literature about Arduino ECU. For the moment I had no opportunities to post directly about ECU, so my 1st question is more related to internet security.
I wonder if I can help the person in charge of the domain names (such as http://speeduino.com) and subdomains (such as http://wiki.speeduino.com) to add the "s" to http, so that the URLs become https://speeduino.com and https://wiki.speeduino.com).
Without the "s", everything which is typed within those 2 websites goes through the Internet without being encrypted, so it can easily be "sniffed" and stolen. This is particularly sensitive for logins and passwords we type, in that forum for instance.
I would like to help at no charge, simply PM me.
Have a nice day,
By noisymime
All the sites (other than the wiki, see below) should be defaulting to using https. I don't want to go as far as removing the non-SSL versions, but the defaults should definitely be https

IE if you just type speeduino.com you should be getting sent to https rather than http etc.

The wiki is a slightly different case for now as the wiki system I'm using is just released and doesn't yet support SSL on their docker image. This is apparently going to drop in their next version (2.1), which is due out any day now, so I do intend to get that installed and SSL enabled as soon as it's available.
By fins
The trigger wheel generator page doesn't work; (https://wiki.speeduino.com/en/Trigger_Wheel_Generator)

You may have to enable iframe embedding in wiki.js
The other issue is that badappleproducts' certificate has expired, but that's entirely on their end. Lookin at the page source (https://node.badappleproducts.com/TriggerWheel/) it looks like the javascript is all there. What wouldn't necessarily work with rehosting it is the ordering component.
By PTRD-41
So I just registered to mention that I (and therefore probably others?) am unable to load the wiki page.

Now, the initial error message is one I am familiar with;


This usually means that the website I attempt to visit does not take kindly to the use of a VPN/encryption.
(Now, I find it mildly disappointing that this happens with a website ran by/for an open source community, but I assume this is part of the 3rd party framework used and not the result of any conscious decision by this community. Either way, I digress.)

Disabling the VPN takes care of the above message, as expected, but does not produce the desired outcome;


Now, you might not be surprised to hear that a VPN user also runs a couple of privacy enhancing add-ons and those occasionally interfere as well, so (just in case, although based on the message itself it doesn't seem related) I ran the browser in safe mode to disable them all at once, but this did not change the result any further.

This is as far as I've gone trying to access the wiki, as these are the only factors I can control. I hope this feedback can help in any way.
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