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By pyphb
Hi Speeduino People!
I have a compeltely bonkers idea need some help.

I have megasquirt 2 v3 but honestly think that open source is 100% the way to go. [I need semi sequential for siamese engines - do not believe speeduino is there yet.]

Looking for guidance,
I would like to take speeduino code, someone guide me what to strip out the code that operates the engine, replace/populate engine data using mantonakakis1's code to pull all the megasquirt engine data in to my arduino(or possibly intel with mini pcie can card)/speeduino along with my own GPIO pins (eg 5 stepper drivers, heater,ntc thermistors and end stops.

I am planning to control intake manifold runners, electronic egr, rtc controlled oil pre-heater, radiator shutters and few other things.

Using the speeduino front endy part sort of thing (where I need developers help) connected to tuner studio to display a dash via the arduino's serial port because megasquirt is closed source and ms3 is limited and anything a little bit extra results in a statement closed source protocol & licenses and all that gory mess.

By dazq
No offence but seems you are running before you can walk!!

You need to read the wiki, download the github files, have a major read through the code and learn what does what.

Then you can look at adding or removing features , changing mcu type you even have good coding skills?
By pyphb
Not a programmer but enough to fumble way around code - ansi C on hp-ux 11 /C on solaris & linux, some useless java, some perl & PHP, never got in to fortran. Earlier in my life I developed in C. Now I am in Purchasing and can see the benefits of outsourcing what I do not know to more knowledgeable folk (my job) or at least asking knowledgeable folks before embarking on said effort.

Enough to probably pull it together in a year of weekends. I've pulled down the code.

Was a call for help/call to understand is it a stupid idea ?
What part of the code does tunerstudio actually need /care vs the rest of the code.

I can see a need for MS users to have a second interface, usable dash with any input type without being locked in to the whole MS closed source environment and speeduino is a perfect partner.
(Real) CAN, tunerstudio, arduino and arm.

Then to get SENT in there as well. (SENT to CAN/CAN to SENT)
By pyphb
Then could pull openXC can data in and oem data into secondary dash.
Use Tunerstudio to pull table data out of MS and populate directly in to speeduino?
By dazq
No harm in asking for help at all :-)
The ms data won't import into speedy as it calculates some things differently to ms, and anyway why would you want to?
Both ms and speedy offer a serial data stream that could be used for a dash of your own design if you wanted.
Canbus broadcast exists in ms and I recently put in a pr to add OBD2 support to speedy ( for teensy only currently but later mega will be added)
All the other io would be better handled by a gpio controller .again ms offer a gpio device and I wrote my gpio firmware to work with speedy(see the wiki)
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