For general talk about the Speeduino project itself. Future plans, legal stuff, meta etc.
NOTE: I do not want to create any arguments, I am just looking for facts why I should pick one versus the other for my project.

I am converting a two stroke dirt bike to EFI. Single cylinder. Probably Speed Denisty/Alpha-N hybrid (KTM has successfully done this with their TPI and I think I will follow the professional's lead).

I like Speeduino because it's code is much clearer to understand/program than RusEfi. I do expect to be modifying the code for the hybrid map. However RusEFI has faster processor, perhaps a bit more capability. Not sure if it matters.

So for a simple engine like this is there any reason why I would want to pick one over the other?

Hey for a engine as simple as that . I wouldn't worry about processing power. I would Worry about wiring & tuning .Guys have hooked up and run Speeduino on many engines ,Personally I can only talk for myself and experience, I have 2.
Speeduino v0.4 & ua4c v1 both tested and run on a 4efte with some bolt-on mods ,currently running UA4C as final install.
Both work great running the engine and I really can't tell any difference compared to the stock ecu other than when the pedals been held down and all the extra perks that the stock ecu missing.
Maybe someone here owned and tried RusEfi
But am sure most guys here probably never do. As they are probably all Arduino techs. I used speedy becoz I been messing with Arduino for years and figure out C++ .We all had our doubts reading it until you try it out.
In the end it's all comes down to personally choice. Do a lot of research and reading on both see what you need from the ecu then decide after.
Here's a solid non-answer for you. :lol: Every system does things differently, in almost every regard. Similar, but different. While KTM used one method, other systems will handle the task in different ways, meaning the results will be different as well. I cannot predict how that will work-out with your particular setup or tuning methods; so I'd say to use whatever you are most comfortable working with as a starting point.

Thanks all for the replies. I am going with Speeduino versus RusEFI or Microsquirt.

(1) I like the community
(2) code is straightforward and easy to understand. It will be easy to modify for my specific needs (sampled map reading at specific crank positions)
(3) for my application I dont need super-duper high speed

Even though Speeduino is low cost, that is not as much of a concern for me as decent support. It helps that there are other two strokers on here as well, as 2 strokes can be a tuning beast.
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