For general talk about the Speeduino project itself. Future plans, legal stuff, meta etc.
What's Up Fellas!
I'm Alex (Founder of UFO Sorcery Engineering), 38YO.
I own since 2017 an 1993 Nissan Skyline GTST 60th Anniversary ( RB20DET)
Since then I use a lot of different ECU thru it ( Last one was Adaptronic Emod004) and we made 450 HP /520Nm.
After that I get Sting by The Almighty BARRA from Aussie.
We decide to fully forged the engine, coupled it to a Powerglide gearbox.
For the ECU choice we decided to try Experimentation time ( With Nick Hay from Everything Fuel Injection) and go crazy with the STMPRO32 Ecu + DBW inbuild module
We Hope to made around 1000 HP from the Engine with a Speeduino.
I will put more pictures of the project.
PS: We are located in Netherlands.
You can have a look of our Youtube Channel: ... AldStSTbLg

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