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By PTRD-41
Hi guys,

As a short introduction, I'm PTRD-41 or "Pete" for short, if you will (Pete's not my real name in case you're wondering, but this is the internet after all, and it's a lot easier to pronounce than my username). I didn't actually get into cars until, hmmm, 6 or so years ago? But I basically jumped headfirst into this rabbit hole and started an '80 Z/28 restomod project that's progressing fairly well all things considered.

I just stumbled across the notion of the existence of an Arduino-based ECU a couple days ago, and this mildly interests me having just gotten into Arduinos maybe a month or two ago. I don't have a pressing need for an aftermarket ECU at this time since I already rebuilt the engine's top end with a FiTech SBC port injection set and have rather different priorities than re-engineering my engine a second time (everything I do has to be an upgrade, not a straight up replacement).

Still, how much of an electrical (or software) engineer is one expected to be to mess with this type of hard/software on various levels of involvement? I could see myself learning to use one, but I also see a lot of talk about custom boards and such. As a mechanical engineer, that kinda stuff seems a bit like rocket science to me.

I probably won't post a lot for the foreseeable future but might ask the occasional technical question to sate my curiosity, if that's allright ;)
By dazq
If you can manage the wiring on a restomod then if you take your time and stick with a pre-designed speeduino board then you will be fine.
I don't know how good your soldering skills are but if you have any doubts about them then get a ready made unit from a reputable supplier.
Don't worry about coding , none is needed for normal installs and most ready made units come with the speeduino firmware pre loaded.

Regarding build changes, if your engine is setup for an aftermarket efi of most any brand then it should have everything needed to run speedy without having to redo anything.

Enjoy :-)
By PTRD-41
Thanks man.

For the time being I'm just window shopping. I've been looking at the youtube channel and the wiki now that it's back up and found them quite interesting and informative if sometimes a bit above my paygrade when it comes to the internal design. Finding out about the dropbear being in development was in fact the answer to one of the questions I was going to ask; if I do ever mess with engine control more than I have with the EFI kit, it absolutely has to be full sequential (just for the sake of it, if nothing else). Knowing myself, it'll probably be a good idea to make my wiring harness modular enough to where I can easily convert it later. It's a good thing I'm still in the design stage for that.

Good to know that it's accessible. I can program an arduino for simpler projects, and will be using one in the car to control PWM output for heater and radiator fans, shift lights, wiper intervals and a couple other small things, but I'm under no illusion that I'll be a good enough programmer to work on code as complex as that for engine control. All good though, I'd rather get my hands dirty in the literal sense.

I can solder alright though, as long as I stick to through hole components or just wiring. My project would be going nowhere with at least this level of skill.
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I'd say it's a good thing that you are moving at a measured pace, and developing the purposes and goals of your project. Speeduino (and many other aftermarket ECMs) are used from weed trimmers to land speed record attempts and many applications in-between. Those goals are critical to your satisfaction in getting to them quickly with reasonable costs and best results.

Until you gain a deeper understanding and experience with anything, it is easy to fall into the stream of internet advice, which is often loudest from ones that know the least (or know enough to be dangerous). Whether you are looking to run your car smoothly to the local parking lot show, or hit 9s in the 1/4-mile, get your goals set. Then you can tap the combined experience of many here (such as @dazq) that have a much better handle on what you really need to meet your goals, and what you'll have to know and skills necessary to get there. We look forward to your list!
By PTRD-41
You're absolutely right David. ITs easy to want a lot of things, but you'll end up with nothing if you dont first focus on what you need. You can't realize all your dreams at the same time.

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