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You need to set DDRB to xxxxx11 to set PB0 and PB1 to outputs. The safe way to do that is to use an OR function so:
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DDRB= DDRB | 0x03;
That way any other bits remain in their existing state, that makes the code more portable.

To drive the ouputs you should perform a read/modify/write on PORTB, you could write B0000001 but you overwrite all the bits with 0s. If you aren't using the other pins then it is valid but poor practice.
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uint8_t temp;

temp = PORTB;
temp = temp & 0xFC;         // clear bits 1,0
temp = temp | 0x01;           // set bit0
PORTB = temp;                    // write modified value to B.
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