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By Boosted_Bug
LPG2CV wrote:Does the UA4C have a VR conditioner built in, or do you have a separate one?

Myself, I've used HE, so no experience with VR. However, from what I understand, some invert the signal, its also important to have the wire the correct way around to work optimally.

Can you do a tooth log in TS? It requires a licenced version.

My unit has a VR conditioner inside. Also, I have the registered TS since 2012 for my MS2. A whole ago I managed to start the car without any hiccups. I still have to put the timing light on it since the one that I borrowed never worked. I played with the range of 290* and when it hit 275* it just started.

I want to thank everyone that pitched in with their knowledge, without that ballpark number I would of died out there.
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