For any other general hardware. Can be OEM parts (Eg Coils, injectors etc) or anything more specific.
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By cx500tc
benyps wrote:thanks for ideas guys
and sorry for this spam im posting :mrgreen:
It's not spam if it's a good question, gets put to use and helps anyone else with the same.
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Keep in-mind there are alternatives you can use right now, such as BlueTooth to your cell phone, for gigs of data. ;) I have a little Micro SD/TF card module that was under $2 online, and it's in my current Speeduino case, but I just haven't done anything with it. I saw a member here did "dual-logger" for Speeduino in 2013, but I don't know the status of the code. An alternative is a module like below, with a little Arduino on the back (Pro-Mini?) that simply reads the same serial data stream and saves it to the card module. A standalone add-on logger (similar to OpenLog setups?) that just saves data when you are not connected to Speeduino in other ways. :?: Just throwing ideas out there.


This $2 µSD module with SPI and a $2 Pro Mini or Nano might make a good auto-logging setup that isn't mixed in Speeduino code?:
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By dazq
Following on from what psig said ,
If you enable canbus on the speeduino a second stream is available on serial2 if you are using a mega 2560? This keeps the main serial free for ts and tuning etc
I will have to look into adding sd card logging on the canbus interface module firmware.
By Rocket
I'm also thinking about data logger. For suspension movement you can use height sensors from mercedes airmatic suspension for example w220 or w221. They are basically water prof pots.
By motzingg
take a look at the adafruit trinket adalogger, it can run arduino or Python, its very easy to use and powerful, it will just spit out any variables into a CSV text file and you can open it in excel and plot it or do whatever you want.

they have example code on the website to get you started but its very very easy.

they sell cheap ultrasonic proximity sensors but they only go out to about 20" with any kind of accuracy, you would need to make a mounting bracket to get that in your range, or if your suspension travels more than that, go to something fancier.

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