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For any other general hardware. Can be OEM parts (Eg Coils, injectors etc) or anything more specific.
Hi. I have a BMW E36 318is with the M44 4cyl. DOHC engine. Thanks to the help of contributors to this forum it now runs! It actually runs great! I'm tidying up a couple of things now before launching the 'beast' onto the public highways. I have 2 questions;

How do I wire the three-wire idle valve. My Speeduino 0.3.7 has only one Idle output. I've heard I need to use 'Pin 53', and I've also heard to use one of the S1,S2 outputs. Can some-one help me with a simple diagram/explanation.

I have a DISA valve. It changes the length of the intake runners at high RPM'S to make more power. It's a solenoid controlled flap. I wish to open the flap at 4000 rpm, and close it again at 3500 rpm with a 'hysteresis' of 10 seconds. I have seen a spot in tuner studio that has all kinds of 'Rules' Can anyone help, please.


Simon (sdiddy68)

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