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For any other general hardware. Can be OEM parts (Eg Coils, injectors etc) or anything more specific.
By jmlegacy
Tuner Nerd (TN Performance) released a knock control unit compatible with speeduino.
It could work with the flex fuel input, outputting 150hz when no knock scaled to 50hz when massive knock,
Not only reactive to knock but also has ability to learn knock happy zones, and send voltage to retard timing there only.

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By theonewithin
How is that compatible with Speeduino?

It doesn't have any Knock control firmware as yet.

You could use it for basic engine protection if you can set to change it's output high/low.
By dazq
Speeduino flex input is a frequency input not an analog one.
By dazq
jmlegacy wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:16 pm
How fast does it respond to frequency change?
It's not analog which you said the other device was!
By jmlegacy
Hmm. I was misled.

but a firmware update on the TN device could allow it to behave so. It was designed for the honda ODB1 neptune or HTS Roms.
By dazq
Just wait for speedy knock , that IS designed for speeduino !
By jmlegacy
Frequency mode vs volts mode.
50Hz = massive knock
150hz = no knock

0v = no knock
3.3v = massive knock
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