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By lovosal
I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get the male and female connectors of the ecu delco multec f-v2.
I need to make a harness to be able to connect the two ecus simultaneously, the original ecu and the NO2C v0.2.2.
Each one would take care of their things.
Thank you,
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By lovosal
Seeing that I have not been able to find new male and female connectors of the type of my original ecu, in the end I have decided to disassemble a scrap ECU to take the connectors and I will cut the cables of it when I go, since the ECU already had it .
All this is to be able to make a connection harness and to be able to do Parallel/piggyback.
I add photos.
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I found when pulling connectors from PCBs, one method is to heat all pins with a heat gun, then blast the solder out with compressed air. When it works right, the connector falls right off the board with (mostly) clean pins. 8-) This is only what have done - do not do this without all safety precautions.
By lovosal
A question,
What type of cables would be the correct ones to make the communication harness between the two ECUs and the car harness? that is, what diameter or section of cable. I don't remember reading anything about the cable section.
For example
AWG 18 (1mm),AWG 20 (0.5mm) or awg 16 (1.5mm)?
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That's up to you, mostly based on what size will crimp or solder or connect at each end conveniently. There is little power transmitted, and only big enough to avoid handling damage is required. I generally use 20AWG (.5mm2) SXL or GXL (XLPE US automotive minimum standard size), and it fits into most PCB holes for soldering, but whatever will work for your stuff.

A common source for good quality cheap multi-color wire is the wrecking or salvage yard. Find a large harness leg (to ECM or ECUs?) with lots of different color wires at the length you need. I can get a ±3-foot (1M) chunk of 2" (50mm) diameter bundled harness (100+ wires) for about $5 around here. :)

Random small wire harness example. Get the size bundle you need from any late vehicle. Ask before you chop any out, and you may get a better deal. ;)
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By lovosal
I had thought about using a new 0.8 / 1 mm single color cable, since I have a lot around here, but I didn't know if it would be worth it, if it had to be bigger.
So from what you tell me, I can use it.
Now I have to see how to connect the channels to the connectors. I have thought of soldering quick connectors to the cables and connecting them to each terminal, then soldering them with tin and leaving them with a heat shrink sleeve so that they are insulated and do not touch each other.
but I don't know if it's better to do that or solder the wires directly to each terminal and then its heat shrink sleeve. Leave all the cables ready for the part of the connector that you already saw that you desolder and leave it like that, until you are clear which cables go to the main ecu and which to the speeduino.
By lovosal
The problem is that I don't know the name of these connectors that happened in the photo, and I don't know if there aren't any the size of the. pin, since these are very narrow and do not fit well. I would need larger ones, the pin is approximately 1 mm in diameter measured with a caliper.
then how and I commented, they would be covered with heat shrink.
I add photos.
IMG_20230102_030322.jpg (3.65 MiB) Viewed 1934 times
IMG_20230102_025102.jpg (4.13 MiB) Viewed 1934 times
IMG_20230102_030224.jpg (3.91 MiB) Viewed 1934 times
By lovosal
I already found the name of these connectors, they are called dupont connectors, but I'm still not sure if they have for that thicker pin of mine, I only saw one called Dupont Female 2.54mm, and it could be wider.
I will try and if not, then I will solder directly.
other things that I have found that could be useful, in the autodata, although some are confusing because it has several connectors but I add photos.

They are in Spanish since my autodata is Spanish and I did not change it.
Tell me if it is what I need to make the harness and connect to the speeduino in the future.
Thank you. And sorry for the number of photos I have sent.
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