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By Sunglasses
I guess this is particularly interesting for the folks located in Europe.

For sale are 2 UA4C boards. They are new, tested and assembled as in the photo.
These are not by WTMtronics but use the same components. I made 5 of them and these are left.

The connectors come with a 30 cm (12 inch) pigtail harness, so that no special crimp tool is required.
I include 2 pressure transducers (250 kPa) but they are not soldered to the board in case your build already has an external MAP sensor.

Arduino not included ;)

UA4C board 150 €
Hammond case 20 €
+ shipping depending on your location. I am located in 44627 Germany.
board.jpg (268.61 KiB) Viewed 8432 times
housing.jpg (267.11 KiB) Viewed 8432 times
By Sunglasses
+ + + Still available + + +

I did not intend to make money selling the boards, but to make a donation to the project. Now here is the deal:
  • If you donate EUR 20 (or equivalent) to the project, you get a board for EUR 120
  • If you donate EUR 35 (or equivalent) to the project, you get a board for only EUR 100
This is a nice discount for you and helps the project. Please contact me before donating.

Keep in mind that there is no additional VAT or duty if you are within EU.

Thanks for looking.

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