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For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
I have a boxer engine ,Ural ,a twin with a wasted spark ignition , It right now has an inductive crank sensor. it

It was setup for fuel injection , but I want to run carbs so I will only be using he ignition section, I assume even if I totally populate the entire board I can only use the ignition .

How do I buy a board and component kit?

I am in Illinois
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Hi DjWind,

There is a website, http://WTMtronics.com, but it is not ready yet. It needs to be though, and I have been on a get s--t done spree lately (thanks Dwight). My last project, an NO2C case, is pretty well done. I'm sure someone well versed in 3D CAD could have done better, but it works. Dwight will be using a couple of them soon. I think my next project should be to get the website functioning properly.

Thanks, Weaver
Happy to be first customer.
been watching your NO2C. was going with official V0.4.4, but wanted to keep it smaller for motor scooter use. wanted to do my own pcb but Fritzing is a project of its own. I like working with Honda cn250 Helix, and converting to "chopper". newest project is converting motor to EFI....hence interest in speeduino.
Looking now for a schematic for your NO2C. may have missed it and now will review all your posts.
Good luck with the site.
Hey Peeps, I now have dual channel signal conditioners available for $19.95 (shipped free worldwide) on my web-page https://wtmtronics.com.

Also Edward and anyone else that is looking, the quest for information about the NO2C starts on the wiki in the section called third party boards https://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/3rd_party

And finally a sneak-peak of the UA4C vA1 Seawolf, which should be available before summer is over in the US. Case shown is 120x103x31mm.
UA4C in box.jpg
UA4C in box.jpg (31.21 KiB) Viewed 2852 times
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