For any pieces of hardware directly related to Speeduino (ie Boards, components etc)
Delays, Delays,

It is now the beginning or autumn. Where is the Seawolf?!? Well I have them now and they should be on my website by the end of the week. With some super low prices! A mostly assembled board (SMD MAP/Baro sensors, header pin/sockets, and harness connectors are loose, but included) will sell for $100. If you'd like any or all of those things soldered on there is a $10 soldering up-charge. Mating wire housings and terminals are included for your harness. Options are to upgrade from 250kPa MAP to 400kPa at no charge, and adding a stepper module (DRV8825) for $3.50. So the max price on a fully assembled unit is $113.50!! This is a super small 4 channel by 4 channel with many extra outputs and inputs, including support for the future knock detection code, and built in barometer for constant correction.

Thanks, turboedge

PS - Josh works hard on the code that makes this board more than a 100 or so electronic components. Please consider supporting the code through donation.
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If you need 4 ignition outputs then it should work without modifications:


– 4 ignition channels
– 4 injector channels
– 4 high current outputs (idle, idle2, boost, vvt)
– 8 low current outputs (fuel pump, tachometer, fan, fan2, aux1-4)
– Accepts DRV8825 module for stepper idle control

ignition outputs are for coils with integrated high current switch

turboedge, when are you getting these boards in stock
Billzilla wrote: Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:46 amCould each ignition channel drive two igniters & COP's?
Billzilla wrote: Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:46 amEdit - Just out of curiosity what would need to be changed to have four ignition outputs? Is it a software and/or a components-on-the-board change?
Four separate channels on NO2C? Add a TC4424 (cleanly would be on a module or daughter board) powered like the first one, and connected to Mega pins 2 and 3. Check with Weaver for info on the DB2 daughter board for this.

As it's Weaver's design, he may have comment or input on this, but here's an example schematic for how I would do wasted-spark on an NO2C (or just about any of the Speeduino boards out there). It would probably be simplest to add the resistors out in the harness after running the IGN-1 and IGN-2 wires out near the coils or drivers. 1/4W ±10% resistors are enough, though larger (1W to 3W) resistors can be used simply for strength if spliced inline. Be sure to support the spliced resistor connections with plenty of heat shrink and tying to the remaining harness to limit flex and vibration for reliability.

Note the 82 ohm value is common and chosen to limit current in older power transistor/Darlington type ignition drivers, e.g., Bosch BIP373 is rated up to 200ma. If IGBTs are used, the resistance can be dropped to 10-15 ohms for faster switching. No biggie, and if you don't know, I would use the 82s. Your choice.

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