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By Leighowar
So I brought myself a a speeduino from DIY-EFI

Had all new wiring loom made and the whole thing setup but it just won't run.

Randomly after doing nothing and sitting for 2 weeks it ran for 30 seconds on all six and then cut out and has not started again since. It won't even attempt on easy start

Everything has been checked multiple times. We have tested to make sure it is sparking at the correct time and we have fuel at the correct time, trust me when I say everything has been triple checked and quadruple checked

I even paid to have it's remote accessed by four different people and none of them can find an issue put the car still will not run.

One thing I have noticed which is strange is the instant you turn the key. The gamma will go straight to 199. I can bring it back down again but then try to start it and he jumps straight back to 199.

I had a guy look at it. Who is willing to take the ECU and wiring off me and check everything even though which is already been quadruple checked, But nobody seems to have an answer as to why it jumps to to 199 instantly.

So I think it is instantly over fuelling and causing it not to run.

Spent 6 hours with a guy remote accessing it and nobody could come up with an answer.

Any help guys would be greatly appreciated.
Because I'm ready to chuck this in the bin.

I'm not exactly sure what board it is. It just comes up on tune at studio as DIY efi board. Think it's meant to be a core 4
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While you're waiting, do this:
If necessary, do not hesitate to clear the Mega with the EEPROM_Clear.ino sketch, reload your firmware, start a new TS project, load your tune, and try again with a fresh setup.
If anything changes in how it responds, but it's still not right, repeat above, but do not load your current tune. It may be corrupted, especially if you did not begin with the Base Tune. Instead load Base Tune.msq downloaded with SpeedyLoader or from the online files. Enter the important values manually from your old tune (trigger settings, dwell, injector dead time, sensor calibrations, etc).

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