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By SamPhelps
Have been struggling to get a friends scooter (piaggio x8) running on speeduino, the cam sensor is a Bosch DG6K, which I've been told is VR. The cam wheel is 48-2.
Using the high speed log gives me what looks to be a completely scrambled signal some times, other times it looks fairly good apart from the pattern not matching the trigger wheel.

If 48-2 isn't compatible, I'm tempted to grind 2 teeth off making it look like a 24-2 crank wheel.
Also concerned the sensor is faulty as the longer we tried, the poorer the signal got, even after rewiring with shielded cable.

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By SamPhelps
I've got it wired to VR1, with settings set to cam speed.
Yes resistor tyoe spark plug.
I'm going to grab my oscilloscope and bench test the sensor at some point today just to ensure it's functioning as expected.
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By SamPhelps
Just tested with scope and using the high speed logger, using a bicycle chainring. Sensor worked fine with no odd or strange signal errors.

Have a feeling I may be getting some sort of interference, might fit the sensor back on bike, use scope on that to see what it's doing.
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