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By Reg Noyce
I've started wiring up my Jaguar V6 (AJ30), this is basically the same engine as the Ford ST220 V6. I have a couple of questions

As its a V6 I have two VVT valves one on each bank, these are simple on off valves, not variable opening as with later versions, my question is can I run both VVT valves from the same connection on my board or should I separate them to a two separate connection's? if so i would i configure this to work?

The crank trigger is 35 plus 1 missing teeth which i believe is supported but the cam is 4 plus 2 missing teeth, is this supported or would it be easier to trim it to a single tooth? cam sensor is configured 60- 300 -540 - 660 degrees after top dead center on cylinder No 1, which one would be the best to use?

Has anyone else run this engine before?

Sorry that's more than two questions, any help would be much appreciated.


What board do you have, as this will determine if you need cam sensor?

I think the crank wheel you have is normally described as 36-1 :)
By Reg Noyce
Board is Speeduino 48 pin ECU based on Teensy 3.6.
It does have 2 VVT connections but because I'm using a 3 wire idle air control valve 13411744713 and apparently I need to use one of the VVT and idle connections to control it?
I intend to use sequential fuel and ignition.
By Reg Noyce
After looking through the Forum I found an old post that suggest I can use the Boost connection for the the second control for my 3 wire idle air control valve, if this is correct then i can use the two VVT connection for VVT on each bank (V6)?

Do you think this will work?

Any thoughts on my cam trigger ?????

As always any help much apricated.

Reg (completely out of my depth)
By dazq
Why not use a two wire idle valve? The Bosch valves are very outwardly similar in either configuration.

You really don't need to spilt the vvt valves on your engine and could be run off one high current driver (like the one on the vo4 and other boards have fitted)

Your main crank trigger should be a 36-1 as suggested.
The cam trigger is more of a problem . The wheel pattern is not supported (the pr was never merged in) at the moment.
you could trim all but one lug off (this was something I was trying to avoid for my aj30 I have variable vvt variant)
There have been a few aj30 and 25 installs done , I know the @jama recently did one (look him up on the discord group)
What have you done for throttle body? Did you fit a manual body in place of the dbw one?
By Reg Noyce
Hi dazq

The 3 wire Bosch valves is just what i had, if its going to make life easier then ill get a two wire one.

I think trimming of the cam lugs is my best option.

Yes I'm using a 70mm manual throttle body, the engine is in a 53 pop, and the original inlet manifold was so large across it wouldn't fit, so a made a new one, picture attached.

i will checkout @jama.

Thanks for your help
IMG_20220318_155449.jpg (366.84 KiB) Viewed 1024 times
By dazq
Looking good!
I too found issues with the huge OEM manifold. I initially considered using an X type manifold(needs only small spacers plates to fit to the Jag heads) but am now looking at a centre mounted log style plenum similar to yours but fabricated using a section of large oval pipe for the body section.

Keep us posted on your build.
By Reg Noyce
I got a ST220 inlet manifold which was smaller, but it would face to the back of the car which would take up room from the cabin, would work on rear engine car though, i think it must be similar to the X type.

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