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PSIG wrote: Sun Feb 12, 2023 10:05 pm
runesm wrote: Sun Feb 12, 2023 11:42 am However, as long as youre still using distributor, im assuming its not a project aiming for high MPG
Curious, is there a reason for that?
Well, firstly, its an old v8 still utilizing a distributor. Thats my first thought, not exactly a house of efficiency. But that leads to my second thought, not exactly based on personal experience but rather what I've gathered from reading, is that with 8 posts in a distributor, you quickly run out of available angle before spark jumps to next cyl. Thirdly, the gain from a good semi-seq to seq is nearly negligible. Not saying they arent there, they are, but adding crank and cam trigger to have that small gain in fuel efficiency, not even drivability or power, if it was me, i wouldnt bother.
Understood, and agreed to all but the distributor range of advance, as they can cover the full range of typically-used low-to-high advance for efficiency; although the rotor phasing needs to be set for the range used. Also agreed on well-tuned semi vs full seq, as fuel trim is available in full seq, but few tune well enough to use it. That said, it's an option if going that far. Being an older engine design, I assume the efficiency increase is relative in the sense of better-is-better, whatever you're working with. All good and just curious.
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