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By George kennett
Hello people I’ve never used a forum so bare with me please. I have been on YouTube and turned to the conclusion that I’m completely lost. For some reason an old software thing called something like druid4ardu stim has been deleted off the face of the earth. I have bought a second arduino to attempt to use it as an ardustim as someone on YouTube did it easily. However the method they used was with something called Druid4ardu or something like that and that doesn’t exist anymore so now im left with nothing but confusion. I tried to download Serial ui 1.14.0 and ardustim 0.0.4, I tried following the steps from this YouTube video which I have linked below and all I have gotten is failure and complete confusion.

I have no clue how to understand any of the things on speeduino to tell me how im meant to use any of this software. Guy on YouTube is different language to me and it’s the only video remotely useful I could find that is uploaded since this bizzare disappearance of this Druid4ardu thing.

My last hope is sending this to as many forums as I can because I find it hard to believe that this can be so difficult.

Please help me guys.
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This Ardu-Stim post is the last of the original versions (with SerialUI and Druid4Arduino files) I have by David Andruczyk, and how I use it. Old but works fine, and is simpler for those that just want to load it and run it. Note that it can be pre-set for whatever wheel, rpm, etc, you like in the INO file, and you can also control it by command line while running without the Druid4Arduino interface. Another option in the INO is to use a potentiometer to vary RPM on-the-fly.

If only using to function-test an ECM, you can use any simple pattern, as if it will see one it will see them all. I generally don't use the interface, and just set a pattern into the Nano at low-rpm. When I plug it in to a Speeduino with a good tune, the ECM blinks the right lights the right way. Done. Andruczyk has released other versions since at

If you are writing code for specific wheels, the more recent Speeduino Alpha2 version is available here for other OS, and includes a couple new wheels, such as Jeep2000. Nice graphic representation of patterns for beginners. There is/was also a Windows Store version available. Have fun! 8-)
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