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By Eddie78
Just wanted to say a thankyou to the people who dedicate their spare time to the continued development of the speeduino.

I started with the speeduino 18m ago initially running a 1.6 4age on itbs in my kitcar and it was huge learning curve to get the thing running and tuned and took way longer than it should, but thanks to the documentation on here and the help that is provided we got there, then the same car got swapped to 1.8 zetec and the process was a lot easier and quicker, then after reading the development for supporting the VVT on the ST170, it was a natural choice to swap to ST170 with ITBs and thanks to the firmware development and the knowledge on here and what I had learned through my own experiences, the ST170 was up and running and had full closed loop VVT in very short time and tuned in very quick order. did 50 miles autotune to get it nearly there then took a load of logs and tweeked the map and now I have a ripper of a car, no idea on bhp but its more than enough (for now).

Big thanks guys keep up the good work.
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