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Hello Guys,

I have a project and it is only a single cylinder but I want it to be staged injection and it will be Full sequential injection. How do I wire it up? Because it says on the manual (Primary injectors on outputs 1 and 2. The secondary on outputs 3 and 4.) But in Full sequential it occupies the 4 pins. So, is it still the same? or not.

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you can get (in principle, at least) speeduino hardware that supports 8 injectors, the problem is there's only one Speeduino software and it says that 4 cylinder staged is not sequential. I'm sure it wouldn't be so hard change, but someone would have to do it.
jonbill wrote:
Sat Aug 13, 2022 8:57 am
for a single cylinder engine, channel 1 is the primary injector and channel 3 is the secondary.
This. Some background on your project requirements would help with better replies. IIRC staged secondary is simultaneous with the primary, so no issues there, though by the time you're into the secondaries sequential is effectively irrelevant, and the primary purpose of sequential (cylinder trims) is also irrelevant. For a 1-cylinder, the only addition is the cycle sensor signal to set "sequential", which is only the cycle ID for a 1-banger. Depending on your project requirements, an alternative is quasi-sequential, injecting every 360°, and used by several car makers today for economy and performance as it dwells more of the fuel for increased vaporization over standard sequential. No cycle signal required.

For the staged part, any ECM version of 2-ch or more should be fine for a single-cylinder. 4-ch will work out-of-the-box. If I have this right in my head (it's been a couple years since I've done staged), a 2-ch will need to have the second INJ channel reassigned output as INJ3 to function with standard code for staged. That's easy, though any code updates will require re-configuring the channel again. I would bench-test it to verify everything is working as-expected, then run it. 8-)
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