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By albeix
I am running a 5.0L Ford with OEM injectors and throttle body, and the OEM TFI Distributor. The combination works extremely well with the exception of the Prime shot when starting. Firmware is 2020.02. For as long as I have had this Firmware and with previous iterations as well the engine will never start on initial cranking but always starts instantly on the second cranking.

Is this a known problem with the 2020.02 firmware?

Thoughts, suggestions welcome.
By plazomat
jonbill wrote: Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:02 pm before 202103, the priming pulse happened as soon as the pump started, which means not at all if there's no pressure in the line.
Running 202103 on a TBI setup. Same issue with the pump shot. A cool feature for us wet manifold guys would be some sort of priming pulse - almost like carb.

Turn on ignition, pump the gas pedal and set a nice stream of fuel into the open throttle bodies... right now I am holding the throttle open while I turn on the ignition, wait for the injector click and then close the throttle..

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TS has a setting to delay the prime shot if your system depressurizes (some do). Test your fuel pressure after shut-down so you know what to expect for starting settings. Bummer is that if the pressure is low, it will take a second or three to build full line pressure. No problem, but that also means you have to wait that time for it to happen before cranking.

If warm-tuned well, and starting additives (priming, cranking enrichment, ASE, etc) tuned on-top of that, all starts hot or cold should be quick with nothing more than a turn of the key. If you're using throttle on startup, something needs attention, and doing a hot-sensor logged start may help to find clues.
By Roverdog
Hi all

i too have had found that i am not getting a prime pulse,as i see it i should see a blip on the PW line when logging starting before cranking,not seeing it,also cannot hear any injector pulse with a stethoscope.

see attached warm restart today,
i have tried extreme prime pulsewidth settings as well,no change.
any help would be appreciated.
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By jonbill
You won't see a change to pw being logged when the injector priming happens, in fact, I don't think there's anything logged for it (I'm not 100% certain on that). but definitely not pw because the main logged pw variable isn't used in the priming logic.
Taking an injector out and watching it when booting speeduino would probably be the best way to confirm priming is happening.
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… or stick a noid light on the injector connector, or a DIY LED version of a noid, or a meter, or feel for it clicking, or use a 'scope and wire "antenna" to sense a flyback spike, or a 12V test light, or … :) Many ways to sense injector prime activity. You could also set-up a digital Aux input to output INJ1 activity on an indicator on your TS dash, and/or log it, and other options. Whatever is simplest for you to know it's doing what you expect.
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