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Hello men,
I have a board 0.4.4b that worked in a car with single chanel ignition output (distributor used) but now something on speeduino (arduino mega ignition signal works fine) doesnt work (looks like U2, tc4424a is burnt...).
Because i'm only using ignition chanel 1, maybe someone can help me how to swap on code ignition channel 1 to 4 that uses u4 TC4424A..

it would be great if someone who knows the code can tell me what to rename on code... or better if can send me a modified 2012 version

thank you very much
thanks to guide me to init.ino, i have modified this, i will try if this works.thanks

//Pin mappings as per the v0.4 shield
pinInjector1 = 8; //Output pin injector 1 is on
pinInjector2 = 9; //Output pin injector 2 is on
pinInjector3 = 10; //Output pin injector 3 is on
pinInjector4 = 11; //Output pin injector 4 is on
pinInjector5 = 12; //Output pin injector 5 is on
pinInjector6 = 50; //CAUTION: Uses the same as Coil 4 below.
pinCoil1 = 50; //Pin for coil 1
pinCoil2 = 38; //Pin for coil 2
pinCoil3 = 52; //Pin for coil 3
pinCoil4 = 40; //Pin for coil 4

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