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By Spork
I'm running a 48 pin PNP on a 1994 1.8 and one of the first problems I've encountered is the cooling fan does not turn on. On this model year the relay is wired to pin 1L on the ecu connector.

I have it set to the board default in tuner studio but nothing happens. I'm guessing I either need to change the pin in software or open up the case and run a jumper wire from one of the analog pins to pin 1L on the connector but I don't know which.

The wiki makes no mention of this and I didn't find any solution searching the forums.
By Spork
pani wrote:Jump 1L to 1R. Leave tunerstudio pin assignment to default.
Thank you, worked perfectly. Is there a guide somewhere that this is written down that I can't find? And is there a way for us to edit the wiki?
I discovered the hard way that the injectors should be set to "semi-sequential", the base tune I got through speedyloader had it set to "paired". I'd like to add that along with the proper wiring for the four pin variable TPS.
By Spork
pani wrote:As far as I know all NA 1.8's are sequential. Does it not work when set to sequential?
I tried that last night and it works great. Do you know if the "idle up" feature is wired to the correct pins for the a/c input and output? It looks like it is the same between 1.6 and 1.8, pin 1Q for input and pin 1J for output (Fan relay, I'm guessing?).
Edit: nope,a/c fan looks to be 2S and doesn't seem to be on the 1.6 ecu.

The base tune has idle up input set to pin 36 and output set to 'board default'. Not sure if I'll inadvertently break something if I start playing around with this.
By pani
Idle up is for aircon. It jumps 1J and 1Q. First tune your ecu so you have a reliable idle and a stable ve table. Then switch to closed loop idle and tune your pid so you do not have idle drops at loads at idle ie switch on lights lock power steering at extremes etc. Closed loop idle works fantastic at the latest firmwares.
By Spork
1J and 1Q appear to be jumped at all times (with idle up disabled the a/c will still turn on).

My closed loop idle is improving, there are dips if I turn the headlights and the fan on full speed at the same time but it isn't terrible. a/c would usually kill it even with the idle set to 1000.

Idle up doesn't seem to do anything on default pins when enabled.

Last night I jumped 2S to 1J/1Q to get the a/c fan working and wired in a temporary ghetto "idle up" device (solenoid that causes a vacuum leak when triggered). It's working pretty well but I'd like to understand what I need to do for idle up to work.
By pani
Of course the ac will work either way. It is not controlled by the ECU. The speeduino gets an earthed signal from the A/C button to know when the A/C is on. When the A/C is on the idle goes to a predetermined value that you put in the idle up menu in IAC PWM percent. Try a value a least 3-4% above your minimun idle valve duty at open loop idle and go from there.
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By Spork
Some other things took priority in my life but I'm back and still can't get this to work. Idle up doesn't make any difference and the AC turning on will usually kill the engine if I'm warmed up and idling.

Tune should be attached.
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