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By Billzilla
Got a front pulley off a Toyota 7AFW that has the crank sensor as part of the front oil cover. The pulley is a 36 teeth type, but instead of having a gap where the three teeth would normally be absent, it has one long tooth instead. Is it possible to make it work?
FWIW the engine (Suzuki G13B) it's going on is going to be running wasted spark, and I was planning on machining off the toothed part of the 7A pulley and fitting it onto the Suzuki one, as seen in the other photo. I'm not sure sure where the sensor will go but I'll work that out later. The belt for the water pump will be much simpler as the water pump is being removed so the belt path for that is much shorter.
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By Billzilla
I just realised now, when looking at it, I can mill two more slots in that long solid part, mill the middle bit to make a missing tooth and it'll be a regular 36-1 trigger wheel.
Too easy.
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Look at trigger wheels like Speeduino does. Speeduino doesn't care if the missing teeth are (+) or GND signals, as it only looks at one edge (Rising or Falling you select), and the timing to the next edge of the same type. Solid gaps or empty gaps are the same to it. I'd just leave it and run it. 8-)

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