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If you used pin 23 and it is working correctly; then I would typically mod the board to use it with Q5 (HC-1/Idle2). I would jump the signal from pin 23 solder pin to Q5 gate on the back of the PCB. As pin 6 is dormant (not being used) it should not cause issues, but you can cut the trace at pin 6 if it is any concern. Now and always with that board (or any other with the same jumper), pin 23 can control Q5, with standard code. Does that help?
Yes, it does. I might do that at a later stage. Or I will do a board revision of my Speeduino -> Miata VVT connector board, which already houses the ULN2803 and some other items, to just hold the extra parts I now added. But for now, time to get the car back on the road and start tuning! (where I was about two weeks ago before the wideband sensor packed up.



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