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LAV1000 wrote:
Sun Nov 29, 2020 9:12 am
What happens if you apply 5Vdc to the Arduino 5 pin ?
Hugo, what @LAV1000 is suggesting is simply a test of the IDLE_OUT output. It is a different approach to my previous testing suggestions, which tests everything outboard of the processor for proper function. This approach separates the processor operation from the hardware operation, focusing your attention on where the issue(s) are.

Assuming from your comments that the IAC has not moved at all at any time; if you carefully place +5V from a board source onto the channel input (see below), the powered IAC should snap fully open or closed. No? Then the issue is somewhere between your +5V test input and your (working?) IAC. You could begin testing from the board-out, or from the valve-in, such as applying direct +12V and GND to the IAC pins in order to verify the valve functions as-expected. Move to the wiring and connections, etc. If you know (not assume) the hardware works all the way to the processor, then you know it is a processor/code/settings issue, or else you already found your problem in the testing.

The issue we have is not knowing if you have tested anything or changed anything, or even made any simple mistakes; e.g., selecting the wrong board in TS Engine Constants. Without feedback or verification from you, we have no idea where faults may lie. However, it is unlikely that the default pin settings will be incorrect, as verified by many other users. Can you help us help you?

Verify this is your board type before testing:
Spdno_v0.4.4b_Idle-Out.jpg (68.58 KiB) Viewed 521 times
By HugoW
Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I hoped grounding pin 37 of the Speeduino a few times would maybe dislodge a stuck valve, but the valve moves nicely and since doing that the control still is not functional.


By HugoW
Hmmm... On my board, R56 = 10k and not connected to D5. D5 is connected to R50 which is 1k, but I cannot seem to locate anything called U9. For the part numbers I am looking at this pic, which is marked 0.4.3b:
Image from the official page:
https://wiki.speeduino.com/en/boards/V04 as the part numbers on my board are blocked by the parts on the board.

Measuring from output pin 37 back, I come to the middle pin of what I believe to be Q7. That indeed has another leg grounded and the third is connected to the other end of R50. So that makes sense, when D5 is high, it activated Q7 which pulls P37 to ground.

I have just added the AIC gauge to my Tuner Studio dashboard, I'll try what it says in the lunch break.


By dazq
You need to use the correct schematic and PCB layout for the board you have otherwise it will be impossible to trace correctly.
All the boards are in the GitHub hardware folder .
By dazq
You don't have the parts or the part numbers that were suggested to you as that was for a v044b and you don't have one of those! A 44b PCB is mostly smd components.
As I said you need to confirm your board type then get the correct schematic and PCB layout image FIRST! Then you can start tracing etc, else you are working blind and just confusing yourself and us.

https://github.com/noisymime/speeduino/ ... dware/v0.4
By HugoW
This is my board:

It has R1 and R3 in SMD version, which I know as the wrong values were soldered on and I changed those. Do you know which BOM / board that would be? The PCB does not match 0.4.4b, I cannot find a 0.4.4(a). It does not match the 0.4.1, 2 of 3 either. It looks like a 0.4.3 with some resistors and capacitors replaced by SMD versions.

I've changed my previous post, as I searched some more and now believe the mosfets are on correctly.

By HugoW
Coffee break:
The Tuner Studio gauge shows Speeduino thinks it is putting out a 30 percent signal to the IAC. There is no measurable voltage on D5. When I put 5V on the D5 pin (hold a jumper wire betwee 5V and D5), the valve actuates and the engine revs up. So, between D5 on the Speeduino board and the valve, all is OK. I'll take apart the ECU and see if D5 on the Mega has connection with D5 on the Speeduino board. If that is the case, either the Arduino is faulty or the signal is not sent to D5.

[EDIT] I think I can simply write a small arduino code making D5 blink (which should make the valve 'blink' as well). Load that onto the Mega and see what is does. I can easily reload the firmware after that and reload the current tune. [/EDIT]

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By dazq
Your idea to write a simple test prog is a good one.

There is a 044 fzz file in the 043 folder of the hardware section on GitHub I linked to. This will open with fritzing.

Out of interest what board type do you have selected in tunerstudio?
By HugoW
It's on "Speeduino v0.4". There is no deeper choice for 0.4.1, 2, 3 or 4. And as far as I can tell, on all versions D5 is running output pin 37 via some mosfet and output pin 37 is always the IAC pin, so I think I'll stop bothing with the versions / PCB's.

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