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Hi all.

Currently fitting a b16A2 into my Honda Civic EK.

I've hooked up the oscilloscope to the 3 different trigger wheels (all VR) in the distributor...

The three wheels are;

1. TDC / Sync: 1 rising or falling edge signal per camshaft rotation (depending on polarity)
2. CYP (Cylinder position) 3 rising or falling edge signals per camshaft rotation (depending on polarity)
3. CKP (Crankshaft position) 24 "saw-tooth like pulses" per camshaft rotation.

I'm a big fan of coil on plug for many reasons... I'd like to remove the coil and ignitor from the distributor, put a low profile cap on it and run 4 x K24 coils. (there are many aftermarket mounting plates available off the shelf too)

I have a bit of a hole in my knowledge regarding VR conditioner modules and whether they can handle the "sawtooth" pattern from the CKP (Crank position) sensor. Oviously i'd like to use this one as it's 24 teeth and much higher resolution than the CYP signal of 4 per camshaft rotation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Link below is oscilloscope readings from CKP (Crank posiiton on Channel 1) and CYP Cylinder position (4 signals per camshaft revolution)

Using signals 1 and 3 would allow you to run full sequential with a dual wheel trigger setup, although you might struggle depending on the conditioner you use.

If your wheels are very close to each other you might have crosstalk issues that will stop, for example, a MAX9926 from working at low RPM (I've come across this issue and am converting to a hall setup because of this).

There are reports on Megasquirt of discrete and LM1815-based conditioners working just fine with dual wheels, so that might be worth a shot if you don't fancy messing around too much with the distributor.

But then again it might be just fine, but it's something to be mindful of.
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