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By LAV1000
Why not using a sensor from the HPI system ?
Do you have picture of the HPI sensors located at the bike ?
The zetec type looks a bit big to use on a motorcycle.
By kettlekev
I wasn't sure if my existing HPI one was a VR but thinking about it, it could be.

If not and it is a Hall switch, would that still need a conditioning board?

I think the rotor has magnets in it so it is probably a Hall.

I will get a scope on it and check the voltage as wel.

Failing that thanks jonbill, I will look at Zetecs as well
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kettlekev wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:38 pm
What has anyone found to be a good VR in the past.
Kev, I'd say the best VR (or any type) is the one that can read the target you give it to read (tooth size, gap, hole, slot, whatever) at the speeds you require. Generally, that means either one that has been proven to be able to do that on your target type, or finding the sensor specifications in order to determine that.

By LAV1000
VR sensor,
It is a bit tricky to find a decent one.
I think you want one that fits inside the ignition timing cover, you don't want to ruin your engine cases.
So the common car types don't work for you.

Or you need to find a modern motorcycle which uses such a type.

If you know your way into electronics you can use this one to make yourself a HALL sensor.
https://www.digikey.com/en/products/det ... 7AHIx2tOkA

Or use an optical sensor, which is rated for 100 dgr. C.
https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Opt ... nwwPWAmw==
Triggerwheel 36-1 Opto sensor (2019_08_05 13_57_12 UTC).jpg
Triggerwheel 36-1 Opto sensor (2019_08_05 13_57_12 UTC).jpg (234.7 KiB) Viewed 464 times
By kettlekev
Thanks guys

I have built hall switches before so could use that again. Current ignition has a hall. I will scope the signal and see how clean it is.

In the mean time I have bought a couple of VR's, a conditioner chip and a fan to start a oscilloscope exercise. Will keep you posted.
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