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By shirtz
hi guys, i hope this is an easy one. sorry im a newb and i have searched.

i have the above in a mx5 and it wont get any power unless connected to my laptop - doesn't even have to be connected to tuner studio.

i asked the question on FB and lots of comments re dud voltage regulator and "LM7805". im looking at the ECU and i cant find LM7805 no matter how hard i squint! any help with locating it?

i note there is away to bypass it. is there anything else i should look at first? my soldering skills are very bad so id happily pay someone to do it for me if anyone is keen!
Ok, you can't bypass the 5v regulator, it must have a decent 5v supply!
You won't find an lm7805 as we don't use those! We use the low droput version the lm2940..

On the na6 I believe the mc33814 provides the 5v rail which is not something a novice should attempt to remove

If your soldering skills are that bad , pay someone to fix it. Email one of the suppliers a few do offer repair services.

See the snap shots of the PSU section of a na6 below and the vo4 that uses a LM reg
Screenshot_20201024-075613.png (196.27 KiB) Viewed 561 times
Screenshot_20201024-075757.png (191.45 KiB) Viewed 561 times
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