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By dener0987
Hello guys, does speeduino support CAN network? If so how can I implement it?

I will use the CAN network to send data to a display.
By dazq
Hi, currently canbus is only supported directly when teensy 3.5 MCU is in use .
If you want to use a mega as MCU then you would need an interface such as my gpio module( see wiki under third party devices)

The canbus is 500k @11bit format.
The wiki shows how to enable the output.
The data protocol is STD OBD2 format.
By NickZ
you need a Teensy compatible ECU board, No modification is needed in the firmware and i think the teensy is clocked at around 160mhz .
By dazq
Lookup the specs for teensy 3.5 on the pjrc website.
You can use any of the official speeduino boards(and those 3rd party that use a plugin mega MCU board) , there is an adaptor board available to allow fitment of the teensy in place of the mega MCU board.
By dazq
Use can0 , don't forget you need a transceiver .
If you are using the teensy to mega adaptor then the can pins are brought out to a header already.
There is plenty info online on wiring up teensy to use the can ports.
By theonewithin
dener0987 wrote:
Tue Oct 06, 2020 11:23 am
Ok, and is it possible to connect the pc with the tunerstudio on the can network? Using a Can to Usb converter maybe?

thank you
Uhhh.... No....

Why would you do that when the Arduino has a perfectly usable USB port on it?
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