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Hi all, trying to compile and upload Ardustim to a 2560 Mega and keep getting the error on code line 22 #include "define.h" and I suspect all of the #includes, I've tried downloading the Ino from different sources but the define.h files are as far as it gets. It seems that the files aren't loading with the INO.

I need the sim as I want to make sure the speedy is right as I'm getting erratic swings in the timing on # 1 TDC with the timing lock on. One thought is the modified dizzy I have made has a 2AV54 vane type hall effect sensor with a single tooth for the cam sensor ( 4 cyl sequential) is getting interference from the spark pulses as it is exposed inside? The crank sensor is a commodore VE cam sensor witha 36-1 toothed wheel with a 6.35mm tooth and gap( about 12mm long radial tooth, air gap about 0.15mm) I had LEDS and an external power source hooked to the sensors to test the input sensors and seemed fine under cranking with no spark pulses going to the dizzy. I don't have a scope, but may have to invest in one.

Any helpful thoughts are appreciated, thanks Chris.
regarding erratic advance.

confirm you have selected the correct board.

Check you have the sensors on the correct pins.

If you suspect the cam sensor is the issue, then, as a test, dont use it! Set it up as crank 36-1 only. Wasted spark and injectors paired with 2 squirts per cycle. If the erratic advsnce goes away, its probably as you suspected.
So I had a chance to take another look at my timing issue today. So, I had tested as you suggested without the cam signal before, it didn't seem to be quite as erratic, but still erratic. So i tried agian but got to start, just after it cleared its throat a bit the timing advanced to about 70 deg BTDC, which I'm suprised it would run there. So abit more about the setup, the 1st tooth after the missing tooth is about 20 deg ATDC of the engine, but to get it to be at TDC some of the time it likes -80 trigger offset. So that tells me it's not triggering directly after the missing tooth. The wheel is very slightly out of true, maybe 0.08mm, but the sightly larger air gap doesn't correspond with the ghost trigger point. (the sensor is a pull down hall effect) I will order a scope and see what is actually happening. Being designed as a cam sensor it my not react quick enough for the 36-1 with the small tooth width and gap of 6.35mm. It seemed to be OK with the LED as a pulse indicator and barring the engine over slowly to se the individual pulses. It maybe a case of "back to the drawing board". It doesn't seem that my efforts with speedy are to blame. :)
So again I have tried to compile Ardustim for the Mega, and made progress, but after using up my time and patience have hit another brick wall. I don't know anything about code and there now, are code errors within the prevously missing files, or so the IDE says. The whole lot of the serialmenu.h Has the error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token . It would be nice if Josh, had have made his loader to suit the mega as well. Maybe I just need to buy an uno and be done with it!
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