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I recently soldered together a v0.4 board with an na6 adapter board for my 1990 1.6 (yes another one haha).

It was able to update to the latest firmware as well and have tunerstudio connect to it and load the base map.

I took this as a good sign that I had put it together correctly.

Today I wanted to test what it would do now that I have a BMW tps, gm IAT etc ready.

I removed the fuel fuse.

At first it cranked and was showing maybe 700rpm in tunerstudio as well as the 2 LED's flashing.

It didn't fire, I wasn't expecting it to be that easy but strangely it stopped reading rpm and the LED's no longer flash. After maybe half a dozen short cranks.

I suspect something has failed/blown, is anyone able to point me in the right direction to diagnose?

I reverted back to stock and it started fine so it must be something blown in the speeduino?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply, I haven't tried making a log yet. I mostly thought the fact that rpm and the led's were working for a bit then all of a sudden they didn't, seemed like a fault with the board rather than the tune.

The tune is the provided na6 base tune.

I am using the common adapter board to the factory two plug and loom, so no changes there.

I'll see what I can find out, I was hoping someone had come across this before and could point to a component to test.

Its back to factory and working fine right now. So when I get some time ill swap it over again and give it another test.
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theonewithin wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 4:26 am
So either your sensors have failed or there is a problem with the speedy reading the wheel.

Get multimeter out and start tracing inputs to make sure they work.

We can't see your hardware so you need to figure out why you lost trigger signal.
I don't think its a sensor, it's running fine on the factory ecu. So something definitely 'changed' on the speeduino itself.

I have done a quick visual check of the tantalum capacitors and none have any indication of blowing. I wonder if its something as simple as the 40pin cable losing continuity, since I used one from the old PC parts bin at home. It could be over 30 years old. I did plan on using something with more substantial later.

I do appreciate that forum users cannot physically diagnose the components, but I don't think it's too far fetched to ask if anyone had seen the same failure of a newly built speeduino (that was working for a bit then stopped) and/or someone familiar with the traces/diodes/resistors might think "that sounds like it could be R2 is blown".

I am pretty familiar with aftermarket ecu's and wiring but by no means an expert, it's very useful to be able to ask for help from more knowledgeable people else I'd never get any of my projects done... :lol:

EDIT: just to be clear, I haven't had time to retest it. Maybe I need a daily driver for my daily driver and/or less kids.
Do you have a multimeter?

Just use it to check everything you are talking about.

If you had done this instead of replying you would likely have found the issue by now.

Troubleshooting is super easy as the schematic is freely available. Just follow the circuit with your multimeter until you find the problem.

There are many different things that could be the issue. No point asking what is common as it is NOT common for a failure to happen when new.
Alrighty, had some time over the weekend and its working again. I took it apart and checked solders etc, they all looked okay. Reconnected the IDE ribbon cable and put it back in the roadster and its now working fine. It seems like it was a bad contact from the ribbon cable between the speeduino and the na6 2 plug adapter (I soldered a female plug on both ends).

After changing a few settings I even got it to run for about 1 second which is really encouraging.

This was without the bmw TPS mounted, just to test if the previous problem. After it fired I thought I might as well quickly put the TPS on properly but found that I need to remove the throttlebody itself which I didn't have time to do.

I'll do some more testing next weekend hopefully. And will also try another cable.
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