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I was playing around with the latest 202005 release, a teensy 3.5 and TS.

In the firmware release notes there was mention of better support for 8 injector set up for boards that support it.

I have gone in and modified the code In Arduino to get 8 Outputs set up on the teensy for spark and fuel.

I just added to the “case 50” rev B (iirc) and that seems to work just fine, keep in mind I’m just bench testing with just the Teensy 3.5 and an LED to verify the pins .

TS gives a warning on set up, but seems to be mostly functional otherwise. I had a couple of questions though. How do I get TS to show all 8 channels in the bench test mode? I am assuming that the .ini file needs to be altered?

I tried the “drop bear “ board option and I think that gave me all 8 channels in the bench test mode, but when I looked at the Arduino code, no pins had been assigned, I’m guessing I could just assign the pins and that might work?

I did a search here on the forum and on the google and couldn’t find any info on the Drop bear board, so I went with the t35 rev B since I did find info on that.

And finally, is the 8x8 ( or at least the more than 4 sequential stuff for the non 2560 ) code at a point where it is stable/usable?

I don’t “need “ sequential really, but the tinker-er in me wants to put a couple together just because I can, and it’s fun.

Thanks :D
8 channel is working pretty well on the Teensy build as of the latest release. Other than perhaps changing some pin outs, it should be all good to go out of the box.

There's a listing in the ini file that tells TS whether the board you're using has 4 or 8 ignition/fuel channels, so if the hardware test is showing those channels as disabled, it's because it thinks you're using a board with only 4/4 outputs.
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