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Hello everyone, i just bought a speeduino and are super stoked. Been doing a engine swap for a while now on a 4AFE RWD and been dealing with the distributer, so i have orderd COP's to solve the problem and made a triggerwheel setup to get the crank signal to the speeduino, so the ignition setup would not be any problem.

The thing is that im a student so plan on doing this in step so the plan is to run the ignition by the speeduio and piggyback it to the original ecu to control fuel.

The problem is that i have no clue how to send the correct signal to the ecu to run the fuel.
Originaly the dizzy will have 2 rotors, one that have one bump for full rotation and one that have 4 bumps (shown below)

So how could i translate the 32+1 triggerwheel speeduino so my ECU will fuel correcly?
Im not very experience with these kind of signal so any help or pointers would be worth gold.
The COP's orderd are 1zz, which have 4 therminals one feedback, can i use that? :D

Plan is later to take over the fuel part aswell. :D
You just leave existing distributor in place and do not modify it.

Just don't have any plug leads on It.

Edit: and of course remove the old coil as well.

Ignore the fuel delivery completely as stock ECU will handle it. Just feed the signal from your new crank wheel to the speeduino and you are set.
The sad part is since the converted the engine to RWD i have like 4 cm to the firewall for where the original dizzy should be.
Since the current solution is a 3D printed holder that holds the dizzy in front of the engine instead the gold was to be able to remove that "weak point".
Would it be possible to fake the G and Ne signal to the ecu from the speeduino based on the triggerwheel i will install on the front pulley?
Or should i just giveup the idea of using the original ecu at all?

Sorry my phone is a potato but it looks like this:
Space between top and firewall (where the dizzy orignal were located)
89515221_1365171407027426_8845163255493033984_n.jpg (32.21 KiB) Viewed 12361 times
For now it's carburated since i just had it registret with that so will soon switch over to the EFI top.
89472555_427630748047533_5246543327930613760_n.jpg (42.5 KiB) Viewed 12361 times
Won't it? why, what have i missed? :D

Well nothing really except economy. Im doing this as a student project and have a really low budget so wanted to start with ignition and later on buy a wideband etc to take over the fuel. Also i have no clue with mapping and will under my master thesis move around alot so seems risky to start that part.

But since it seems hard to make them work together i migth just be easier to do both!? :shock:
The number of teeth needs to divide equally into 360 for crank, or 720 for cam, without remainder.

360 / 60 = 6
360 / 30 = 12
720 / 48 = 15

Oh! ... unless a pattern has specifically been developed for it. Has it? :)

Without the dizzy, you may as well jump to the full install.
Well that make alot of sence, need to recheck my mathbrain thanks! :D

Think i found a way to do it 2 step without to much hassle, So if i setup the speeduino ignition by a triggerwheel and keep the signal part of the dizzy in the front (the engine will still look like a ugly unicorn) i till give the signals to the fuel. And i might even be able to tap into the cam rotation signal so i can runt the COP's sequentially?
Also think the ecu needs the IGT-IGF signal to run the fuel though so need to figure out how to make them work.

And later on move over the injectors to the speedy.

One thing that poped into my head is the timing, since the dizzy would set the timing for the injection but the speedy will se the timing for the ignition. could that make up some problem? :o
You are trying to do this, without the trigger (distributor) for one controller, and trying to fake it with the other:


Most are suggesting you do this:
One_ECM.png (148.62 KiB) Viewed 6194 times
I would agree. Pick a suitable crank trigger wheel (24-1, 36-1, 60-2, etc) and run Speeduino for full ignition and fuel. If you wish to later add a cycle signal for full-sequential, that's fine. That's two steps. All IMO for best success — it's your project.

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