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albeix wrote:
Thu Nov 01, 2018 6:16 pm
Psig - I can confirm that the JimStim does work as an engine simulator. ... but it does work thru the VR board.
Indeed it does work for most simulating, and although I have occasionally used mine for development work, it is a bit overkill for general post-assembly testing. OK, very overkill. ;) It does work with some VR signal conditioners, but certainly not all. You must also be very careful to verify 5V signal pullup if you don't have a conditioner for higher voltage installed, as of course you will fry your Speeduino input. Simulator output such as from the JimStim can be modified to work with VR conditioners that do not like single-polarity signals (GND to +V with no NEG component).

Hello everyone.

I'm probably posting this in the wrong place.

I discovered yesterday the project and I am very excited to develop one for a motorcycle of low displacement here of my country, and I am reading everything that I think relevant to my case, here in the forum I calmly translate directly by the feature of the browser Chrome, I understand 99,9 % some terms that are vague without correct translation.

I came to stop here in this post derived from another viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2891 both thanks for the information placed here.

I decided to go deep to the page of the wiki that both talk, there is an arsenal of interesting and elemental information, there is only one problem that is the translation, I do not know if anyone went through this problem or if you can give me a hint how to translate the texts directly on the page.

Thank you in advance, do not pay attention to my poor English.

And greetings from Brazil :D
Sorry, dumb question, but I promise I have searched this and am confused. Please help me write it out in crayon.

In the OP, under Coil Drivers, the post reads,

"you only have to connect the trigger signal to the GATE, the coil negative to the COLLECTOR, and the ground to the EMITTER. Heat sink is preferable, but make sure you set TunerStudio Spark Settings to Going Low or it could burn out."

As I understand, IGBT's use Gate, Drain, and Source. Whereas BJT's use collector, emitter, and gate.

Are these terms synonymous?

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