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as a 'Newbie' (but an old, somewhat experienced Tech), & a new contributor to this site I could perhaps add my 2c worth.

I feel that the idea of a 'Newbie' guide is a great idea. I would suggest that making all comments on the forum open source as far as copyright goes (of course if this is achievable), then have a group that gradually gleans the elements of wisdom, & knocks them into a documentation package (as in a closed Wiki: only approved people can edit the Wiki page.)
My other suggestion is to make the ''Newbie' guide fairly concise & to the point. You could link out to more detailed explanations for more complex uses. (ie only cover a very basic build, install, program in the Newbie guide.) Remember this is for us to 'sell' our system, so I feel we need to let the potential user know what we can supply, but for the more experienced person, have information available on what & why of more complex installs.

Documentation in Open source projects is often very good. As an example, I am a PCLinuxOS user. PCLOS has a very good forum, that has a 'closed' area for developers, it has a magazine that is web-published monthly, & a well maintained Wiki. One thing PCLOS does is to have documentation (& the magazine articles) proof read by a group of volunteers. The docs are broken down into manageable portions, & usually checked by more than one person. Corrections & alterations are highlighted with an auditing trail so the changes are obvious. (Easily done in modern word processors, such as LIbreOffice/OpenOffice, or even that overpriced mass-market offering from a well-known company!) Of course, it needs an editor/maintainer to oversee the changes, & include relevant ones in the final document.

Personally, I am possibly more experienced than the average punter: now retired, I have played with bikes & cars seemingly forever. I have an efi Guzzi, & they are easily hacked/tuned (Marelli ECU). I have always learnt by doing. The Web has now made that really easy, once you can sort the good from the bad. I have become involved in this project because I am building a classic race bike, so need programmable ignition.

regards, Doug
First off, thank you for this post. I design training for a living and that wiring diagram was very helpful for all the different crank/cam/ignition setups.

While I understand the basics of most of the sensors on my car (KA24E on my Datsun 620 pickup truck), I'd also like to see a simple board terminal diagram. I cannot figure out what 'TPS' and 'TPS ret' are on the board or if I should use a common ground for all the sensors like with Megasquirt or if the 'ret' is a ground for each sensor so Speeduino can read resistance accross the two wires, or if all sensors should go to the 'Gnd' terminal on the input section of the v0.3 board.

Some simple insight into the terminal labels would be fantastic! I was just screwing around and put my 12v CPS signal wire into the vref and watched a copper board tracing light up brightly! Yay!
Ceeloo Yello wrote: Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:02 am Does anyone know the proper gauge of wire to use if soldering directly to the board instead of using the 40 pin connector?
That is your choice, within the limits of the board and the connector terminals you have chosen. The boards will generally take up to 20AWG/0.8mm, but the wire must also properly fit your connector terminals for reliable crimping or soldering, so I would juggle those for a final decision.

Ceeloo Yello wrote: Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:47 am Would this be correct for a V-Twin fuel only setup?
That's about it. You may want to add tachometer output if you have a tach that needs it. Also, I don't know if you have idle air control at least for warmups. Be aware that generally, most setups will need control of both fuel and ignition timing, for both the best power or economy.

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