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I've designed and printed a spacer for between the board and the connector, to be able to mount it later:



The two connectors are soldered on:


Next I need to connect it to the engine's wiring loom, hook up 12V and the laptop, and see what we get. Hopefully I can get some temp readings and maybe make the plugs spark and injectors click. Who knows...

I have a 2002 US NB. Currently I actually have a engine from japan in the car and an ecu from that same car.. supposedly an RS model with the 160hp (however truthful that is I can't tell a difference lol)

Car works fine, but as a nerd I want more control over my car and to maybe replace it's ecu with something more modern anyways.(also who doesn't want the option of going turbo later or something?) Just not sure I want to shell out for the MS3 pnp pro whatever that is like $1200 now. Development seems slow for speeduino though; I thought there would of been a PnP for my car by now using it.

Are you guys trying to make a PnP solution for these cars? Is that the end goal?
Progress is slow, but there is progress. I found I made some mistakes in V1 of the board, first tried to add some wires:


But I found I make too many mistakes and there are board defaults for the clutch, fan, fuel pump and tacho signal. Besides that, I decided not to mess with the design of the alternator controller, I just fitted the alternator controller I bought so that was done. That leaves me ample room on the PCB to fit the ULN2803 and the resistor, without messing with the original Speeduino board (which has no local 12V source on the experiment site). I just looped through the Arduino Pins to the Speeduino connector and put the ULN on the PCB. With that done, the PCB arrived last week and I installed all:


Nice and clean, the only two extra wires are from an LED driver of the wide band sensor controller. I abused some exhaust gas recirculation valve control wires for that, as that valve has been eliminated anyway.

So, still a lot to do on the car, but the ECU seems done. I have some PCBs left, if anyone is willing to try give me a should. It's not tested, yet.

Hi all, this is a great thread - I have finished building my 0.4.3 board up and have everything wired up to a 64 pin connector.

Did the base tune mentioned in the original post ever materialise? If not, can anyone recommend where to start with a base tune and settings for my 2000 1.6 NB?

Many thanks in advance
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