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After not using my speedy for a bit, I decided to get it out and try the latest firmware.

Only problem is, I've misplaced the (mostly working) tune I had on it.

Tried to get it started today and no luck, and I know the board is good as it was working when I put it away.

Don't suppose anyone's got a working tune they'd be willing to send me a copy of?

Cheers :D
Got it going... but timing is still jumping around like it always did.

I rolled back to the Dec17 firmware while I was still trying to start it, didn't think the Feb17 would do me much good since a lot of stuff has been changed.

Has anyone else got reports of stable timing when locked to 10 BTDC?

Haven't logged in for a while.

I have the following Trigger Settings with Dec firmware:

Angle: 4deg
Skip Rev: 0
Trigger edge: Leading
Secondary trigger: Leading
Filter: Off
Resync: No

Starts up and runs just fine (with a few quirks but I'm working on it). I probably have about 100miles on the car with the speedy controlling it.
Thanks all.

I have found a few other people saying their car runs just fine, so I think this is something to do with my setup.

I've just built a NO2C (my previous board was a bit hacked together) and have found a few problems in the wiring harness (corroded grounds and a few other issues) which I am repairing. Also I'm running shielded twisted pair to my cam and crank sensors.

Hopefully this will do the trick. Will report back this weekend.
Hi everyone.

I'm working on manage my NB Miata with the Speeduino ECU. I'm working on a parallel install so my Stock ECU manages the alternator, idle valve, a/c, fan, etc while the speeduino only manages injection and ignition. This is my workload thread if you want to see more about the Hardware install

Since I manage ignition cranking is very hard for the engine. Sometimes after several long attempts I can start it and the engine works and is drivable, but feels more lazy that when the ignition is managed by the stock ECU. After some PSIG suggestions I've been checking on different base maps for the VVT engine the voltage corrections for injectors, dwell, cranking etc.

In general terms the "default" speeduino map has very low dwell duration and low corrections compared with ME221 maps or MSPNP maps.

So guys, Can you share your dwell and corrections to compare with mines? These are the ones that I think the engine will need after yesterday source. Unfortunately I have not been able to work on the car yet and load the new tune to the Speeduino to see If it cranks better.



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