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By Denny73
Hello, I placed an order over the weekend with speeduino.com (Australia). My order says awaiting PayPal payment. The money is available. I also wrote and asked why? With no reply yet. My question is is this normal? I decided to order from them as it probably supports the whole github project. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks. :)
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By Chris Wolfson
Hardly anything on their home page is on back order or out of stock. Probably they do not take your money, as you would ask them every day where your order is and why they did not deliver it next day. Think of 50 like you and 6 weeks nothing in stock...
The honest salesman only takes money if he/she knows when the merchandise can be delivered.
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By Chris Wolfson
Maybe you should give them a little time? Good things may need some in Down Under. It is a project, not a pro sale thing.
Not anything is like Amazon Prime next day delivery today, thank Good.
By Denny73
Hello, I was only wondering if the order will go through eventually or if there was a problem with my PayPal. I have never seen the message awaiting PayPal payment before, ever. I realize the world is in low gear at the moment and I am in no hurry.

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