Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
By Svetoslav
Hello everyone,

So I'm converting my 1983 E23 from LE-jetronic to Speeduino. I was ready with everything but couldn't get it to start.
Here's what I got:

v0.4 board with v3 VR conditioner
Innovate LC-1 wideband
60-2 triggerwheel
VR6 coilpack
old volvo 2 wire ICV

So everything was mounted and I installed the latest firmware in Tunerstudio, but there are two issues:
1. Fuel pump doesn't turn on. Not for priming and not while cranking. When I bridge the relay wins it's working, so it's speeduino issue.
2. I installed the vr conditioner board backwards. After fixing it it still doesn't start. Did I fry my vr conditioner? The rpm gauge is also not moving at all while cranking.

Here's my base tune, hopefully someone can help.
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By jonbill
1) how have you got the fuel pump wired?
-> which 0.4 board is it? if 0.4.3, do you have the ULN added to the board?
2) it definitely won't start if it's not seeing RPM.
-> are the jumpers set right to route through the VR conditioner?
->can you take a tooth log?
->you should be able to check the input signal and output signal on the VR conditioner with a multimeter - what can you see?
By Svetoslav
I have 0.4.3 board and I don't have an ULN, I wired the fuel pump straight to the pin. Now after you said it, I guess ill have to wire an ulm.

About the vr conditioner, I'll try to take a log, but I'd like to check if it's working, so what should I measure with the multimeter?
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By jonbill
I believe you can swap to another output like the vvt pin if you're not using it (it already has the necessary hardware on the speeduino board). I think you just swap the pin numbers over for fuel pump and vvt.

In terms of the vr conditioner, I think you're looking for a small ac voltage at cranking speeds (maybe -2v to +2v) on the input pins and a 0-5v dc on the output pins.
You may need an analog multimeter to see it.
For clarity, you wire the ground of the FP relay to the pin.

Off the top of my head, to use the VVT driver, in TS swap FP to4 and VVT to 45. It's not advised to have them on the same pin. If you have VVT and plan to use it, you can substitute the boost pin instead, which is 7.
By Bmwe21m50turbo
well an E23 wont have vvt so forget that, i know mine needs a 12v+ to the c101? (connector on the side of the fusebox) its the purple/green wire as far as i can remember. you could try to put your battery 12v to it directly and see if the pump turns on.

I have my speeduino FP output directly to this purple green wire i think you should aswell.
By Svetoslav
Yes, it is a green/purple wire that drives the fuel pump, when I connect it to 12v ,the fuel pump is working. I have also wired the FP output to the ground pin of the relay, so my connections are right I think. It looks like the issue is just that the default FP pin can't handle the current for the relay, so I'll try connecting it to the vvt output as suggested.
By Svetoslav
Okay, so now after reassigning the pin to the vvt output, the fuel pump is working, however I still think my vr conditioner is fried. I'm thinking instead of ordering a new one and waiting, to just buy a hall crank position sensor from a M50 engine and connecting it directly. I've seen someone with a megasquirt using one with his bmw, so it should work,right?
By Svetoslav
So I got the sensor now and I'm in the process of connecting it. The thing is that the cable up to the connector is not shielded and it will have to pass near the ignition leads. That seems to me like a recipe for interference. I'm thinking of shortening it as much as possible so it's shielded for most of its length.
Also do I need any pullup resistors or connect it straight to the board?
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