Help with building your Speeduino, installing it, getting it to run etc.
lovosal wrote: Fri Feb 10, 2023 10:49 pm I have to prepare it to resist water and humidity
For production vehicles the case and connectors are sealed, as that is the cheaper way to do it for factories. More work is something we can do, no problem. So, consider waterproofing the connectors and board, and don't worry about the case. This can be accomplished a number of ways.

What I have done many times before is to coat the board (masking cooling tabs, etc) with clear acrylic spray paint. 2 or 3 wet coats will seal the board and components against water, dust, bugs, etc. I ran one ECM under water in a bucket for a few days to prove the coating works. One benefit to this method is that you can solder through the acrylic in the future for repairs or mods.

Connectors and connections are cleaned, filled with silicone dielectric grease and then assembled, (whether "sealed" connectors are used or not) used for decades to waterproof connections and prevent corrosion from outdoor and off-road to aircraft, boats and data line connections. Old school. Works great. Lasts for years. I use DeoxIT to clean and protect terminals, then Dow 4 or similar to weatherproof, but there are many products.

Lots of ways to do this well without a sealed case or enclosure. Do your thing. 8-)
Joe, I knew that these things were made and that they were successful, especially the lacquer to protect the electronic boards, but honestly, I didn't even remember them for this project. In fact, I didn't even know which brands to use so thanks again... I'll dedicate myself to painting the box matte black and preparing the plate for when it's ready to put it in the car, do these things.
What I don't know is if it is necessary to put a fan in the box, especially due to the high temperatures that it could get in summer... here in the south of Spain, they are usually quite high, and if we also add what itself generates the car... what do you think?
I update a bit. After I installed the 10 amp supply I received, I hooked everything up; the new power supply to the coils and the laboratory one to the speeduino board.
What was my surprise... that now the injector does not work either with everything connected (ignition and injection) or just the injector.
So my question is: what the hell is going on?
I have rechecked the injector with direct current of 12 v and it works, it can no longer be a lack of power, I have 2 independent sources... the cables are well connected, they all have continuity; I have put the oscilloscope at the cable output of the speeduino board and it generates a signal! Or at least that's what I think I understood from what I saw.
Could it have something to do with it or is it affecting the board that the LEDs don't work due to the cut that I accidentally made and then repaired? Remind you that the LEDs still do not work and I do not know if that will affect the operation of the board.
I would appreciate all the help possible to find out what is happening, solve it and be able to install it in the car and start testing with it now!!

Thanks in advance
metcap wrote: Tue Feb 21, 2023 2:53 am Make sure your coil power supply and the battery grounds are tied together, also the arduino and no2c grounds need to connect to the same source. Just curious how you're simulating crank trigger signal? I see you've 60-2 in your tune.
Hello and thanks for answering.
I have the speeduino connected to one source and the coils to the other and I think the masses are not in the same source. in fact, the masses. of the speeduino are in the laboratory source and the current of the injector with that of the. coil on the other source.
Yes, I have a 60/2 and I generate it with an arduino uno programmed for this purpose. It is the one that generates the digital square sling that I need.
Then I'll send a picture of how it's connected
I wanted to ask you a very specific question about speeduino.
I have read a lot and there was one thing that has left me a little offside.
I started this project to be able to make my car pass the ITV, especially gas issues so as not to have legal problems, but I have read that it is almost impossible to do it with speeduino. So the question is: can you get the throttle adjusted with speeduino and leave it right for the ITV to pass? or is it not possible?
Speeduino has no ability to control it and do it? If so, is it because there is more hardware or software missing?
could you clarify the issue for me?
thank you.
Lovosal it IS possible to tune speeduino to pass a legal emissions test and many have done exactly that.

What speeduino CANNOT do is provide emission testing via its obd type canbus port if your variant of speeduino has one.
Thank you, you have made my day!!!
In any case, since I'm building my speeduino together with the original ECU, I don't think I'll have any problems on that side, or at least I hope so. As soon as I test that the injector and ignition already work at the same time, I will test the wiring harness directly in the car, but without putting speeduino. This test will tell me if the harness I have made works well in the car. It will be like an extension cord, hehehe. If it goes well, I'll be ready to remove the cables from the harness to the speeduino and start with it directly in the car!!!
thank you!!!
Hello again!!
After having to leave the project for so long for work reasons, I have finally been able to resume it!! I was so saturated with my work that I had no choice... Now I'm back and I hope you can continue helping me in my project as before so I can finally see it work like a charm.

So returning to the topic, I have the first question:
I have almost finished the cable harness but now I don't know which part of the harness I should take/connect the speeduino cables from. That is to say, my harness consists of two cable harnesses and I don't know which one I should connect them to. I have them listed and on each one it says what that cable does.
Could you help me to know in which cables I have to connect the cables of the speeduino?
Thank you all!!!
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