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Had some real success last night and this morning. Had my father help me last night by having him crank and I running the timing light so I could get the trigger angle set. after a couple checks cranking, first checking for spark and then for fuel, It was off to the races. I ended up doing some basic tuning of the idle this morning and adjusted the spark table a bit too. got a nice idle and the timing is holding steady where it is set in the table on idle. I do not have the o2 sensor set up quite yet so I can not get into the nitty gritty of tuning yet. I am waiting on some exhaust components to show up. ended up deciding to modify the exhaust a bit to better accommodate the installation of the o2 sensor. the stock down pipe, cat and flex pipe were just too close to each other and there was no place with enough space to weld the bung in and have the sensor fit in the tunnel. So decided to snag a GTI double tube down pipe and a mid muffler section to replace the stock down pipe, flex and cat. should work out slick. my plan is to mount the o2 sensor back where the 2 pipes collect to 1 on the down pipe. i would have bought an 8v header but they all have their o2 sensor in the #1 primary tube about 12-15 inches after the flange. all things considered life is good and it is great to hear the truck run again, even if it has only been down for a week so far.

Heres a shot of the engine bay I am 90% done just have a couple loose ends to tie up.
bay almost done.jpg
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That looks great. I've been considering doing the same thing with the distributor but for now I put a cut off shaft in there to run the oil pump. Everything I've read said that should work but I'm setting up a oil pressure sensor through my efi to keep an eye on it. Good luck with yours. Glad to see another Volkswagen.
Buttoned everything up early Sunday morning. Finished up the exhaust and wired in the wideband. Was even able to take the truck for the first drive in the evening. The tune is all over the place but I'm researching and learning what changes I need to make. Bring on the test drives, datalogs and tuning.
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soultron wrote:
Thu Jul 21, 2022 11:13 pm
That looks great. I've been considering doing the same thing with the distributor but for now I put a cut off shaft in there to run the oil pump. Everything I've read said that should work but I'm setting up a oil pressure sensor through my efi to keep an eye on it. Good luck with yours. Glad to see another Volkswagen.
I would suggest if you do modify a distributor to try and find a hall sensor plate with the 2AV53 sensor on it. when I was buying one I noticed it looks like there were two sensors used by most manufacturers those being the 2AV53 and 2AV56 from the datasheets I found on them the 2AV53 has a finer resolution and faster trigger time. the one I got was off ebay out of texas. If you are interested I'll DM you the listing.

I am a big VW nerd have had a Diesel Caddy for 20 years now and picked the white one up last year. I just love the damn things. Too easy to work on not to have one.
Well it has been roughly 3 weeks since I got to drive the truck for the first time with the Speeduino installed. Barring a fuel pump that didn't want to run at one point, I haven't been stranded anywhere. I have been driving a 22mi round trip to and from work M-F daily (lots of hills and stop lights and a little freeway) and usually around 125-250mi on the weekends.

So far I have learned a bunch about how AFR affects (or not as much) mileage and power output. Ignition timing and it's effects on power output and efficiency has been the real eye opener. I have been data logging on almost every drive and tuning based on the data.

When I got started the first hurdle that had to be addressed was MAP signal and the lack of it. Turned out that I had hooked the MAP sensor line to a ported output on the throttle body rather than just a manifold vacuum port. I switched it to a spare port on the line that feeds the brake booster ( not ideal, but I have not seen any massive performance effects) and BAM! I have good signal rather than a more or less digital "ON/OFF" . Tuning got a lot easier once that was sorted out then I started chasing AFR's.

Ended up messing with the VE table and AFR target table as well for about a week. I had very little luck getting to where I felt the numbers should be. This past week I binned most of the fuel tuning and reloaded a base VE table in favor of testing different Ignition timing. Talk about a night and day difference. Ignition timing is everything, my initial sprak table was way too fart advanced. I have found that even with very little timing advance that my engine performs far more efficiently and my VE table reflects it. I have been using a combination of VE analyze live, VE analyze in MegaLog viewer and hand edits to get to where I want to be. I am finally getting close enough that I can start working on slowly adding EGO correction into the mix (it has been turned off this whole time). I am also finally starting to see the same MPG's as the engine was getting before the conversion. I will be interested to see where it can get to on mileage. the initial figure was roughly 15mpg. The final goal is anything over that. though it would preferred to try and get to ~21ish but we shall see.

My current conundrums are:

1) I am having a slight hysteresis returning to idle, Idle should be 1000rpm, when i am sitting at a light rpms drop with the throttle closed hover between 1130-1250 for 1-3 seconds then drop to ~1000.

2)At cruise, mostly at engine speeds between 1650-2300rpm and MAP of 55-80kpa (usually low load like fixed tps or slight decel) I am getting an oscillation in rpm and it feels like a "Judder". I had the MAP sampling rate as instantaneous and switched it to cycle average this morning and that got rid of most of the problem but the problem still persists, much reduced but not satisfactory.
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Getting smooth! Now it looks like you need to fix your base idle, idle advance, accel duration, charging/battery system, and a few other things. It's a deep but satisfying dive as you pursue better. Getting there! 8-)
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