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Speeduino won't spark

PostPosted:Sat Jun 04, 2022 3:09 pm
by speeduino-v6
Hello, Im tryring to get a v6 60Degrees engine ignition to run on a speeduino 0.3.7. But im not getting any spark of my wasted spark coil. When i am testing te outputs of the speeduino it give 5Vdc and the wasted sparkt coil fire by turning the 5V off. Im using
only the original distributor with a 6-1 wheel that gives a 12v puls on rpm1 . When cranking the rpm goes up in tunerstudio.
The engine fuels is regulated with an carburator.

Wasted spark coil
Febi 078 905 104 a
jumper setting
jp1 5v
jp2 vr conditioner
jp3 vr conditioner
jp4 off
jp5 off

Re: Speeduino won't spark

PostPosted:Thu Jun 23, 2022 2:21 pm
by neovin
looks like you didn't load a base tune before you configures your project
(84.85 KiB) Downloaded 19 times
load this and reconfigure your engine constants and trigger settings