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By The 1996 trashback
hello i am currently working on getting a 1996 outback with a 36-2-2-2 crank on it running. i have gotten it to idle but not too well. my fuel load percentage at 600rpm is around 86-100% on the VE table. i am attaching a tune file as i am lost as to where this high command for fuel is coming from. any insite or recommendations would be great
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By The 1996 trashback
theonewithin wrote:What injectors?

Have you filled out voltage correction for them?
They are the stock ej25d side feed injectors and I did fill out the voltage correction
By The 1996 trashback
theonewithin wrote:Got a log to go with that tune BTW?
Tune alone doesn't help as much.
Yeah I forgot to take one. I’ll go get one after I get off work
If you feel the VE is way to high, then double the required fuel, and halve the ve. It's just maths :)
By The 1996 trashback
LPG2CV wrote:If you feel the VE is way to high, then double the required fuel, and halve the ve. It's just maths :)
Thank you I’ll give it a shot tomorrow I won’t be able to get a data log like I was hoping. I am very new to tuning so I am learning a lot right now
Iv'e just looked at your tune and I hadnt before. You must be idling at the top of the VE table, so your map setting must be suspect. I would leave the RF and VE alone for the moment.

As TheOne suggest, you will need to provide logs, or we are just guessing.

Well done for getting it running though. :)

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