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By Trevor Getty
So I am going through setting up a new feature elsewhere on the board getting new cam and crank combinations made up.

But this topic is some more general info I require.

So I am going to Include a picture of my cam and crank signal. There are 17 gap then 17gap twice on the crank for every cam rotation which has 5gap 3 gap then 2 gap on its rotation. This can be seen from the picture. This is expected.

What im not sure of. Is both sensors are 3 wire which I thought would be hall effect but both signals appear to be vr type. As they are not square waves.

My next question is the cam sensor is a good 5v signal which I've shown in a single channel picture. But the cam sensor is only about 1v or so.

My pic has crank at x10 on the lead to keep in same scale and picture. U can see cam looks bigger but its 0.1 the size at 1v peak not 5v. Hope this makes sense.

Is this normal? Maybe it's a vr type and the other 5v crank sensor a hall?
Both sensors have 3 wires.
Cam signal 5g3g2g but only 1v
20210526_060826.jpg (2.79 MiB) Viewed 1210 times
The cam sensor has cam signal + a middle wire which appears to be ground and a signal wire -ve.
Is it normal to have a 3 wire sensor with middle wire ground?
Any help just covering this off would be great... many thanks. And I hope to be bringing nearly all the k series mg rover variants and the t series variants and testing them to allow speeduino to be used by the market over here which seems to be corners by emerald ecu which is the only standalone to cater for these types.

Open source all the way. 8-) thanks everyone here for making this possible....
Cam sensor conn with 2signal and middle 0v re
20210527_025517.jpg (3.31 MiB) Viewed 1210 times
Crank signal 5v
20210527_033155.jpg (3.29 MiB) Viewed 1210 times
17g17g x2 for each cam 5g3g2g.
20210527_032718.jpg (2.84 MiB) Viewed 1210 times
By theonewithin
Get a multimeter out and simply measure for voltage at the plug to the sensor. ECU side of course.

Key on engine off.

If you get 12v or 5v between a pin and ground it's hall.

If you get nothing then it's VR.
By Trevor Getty
There is no voltage on any of the cam sensor pins. Do you know what the middle pin at 0v is for. Maybe a floating ground im not sure?

I am just making sure that it's normal to find 3 pin vr sensors and that I'm not missing something.

Thanks t.
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Automotive 3-wire VR sensors are common, and usually indicate an additional wire for shield to ground. So, one of those would test two pins with some resistance (typically 500 to 1500 ohms through VR winding), and one with no continuity to anything (shield).

Testing of the two VR pins should show a (+) voltage when a ferrous object approaches, and (-) as it departs. So for example, if you stick the sensor to a wrench magnetically, it should produce a positive voltage when sticking, and a negative voltage when removed, if your meter is connected in correct polarity. The tested positive wire goes to VR1+ and negative to VR1- for crank, and similar for cam. Shield wire goes to one of your Speeduino power ground terminals — not one you have chosen for your sensor grounds.
By Trevor Getty
Thanks for assistance I was aware of checking pin voltages. I noted already that it was 0v across the cam sensor on all pins no high voltage wires.
I have tested it out and indeed the middle wire was going to shielded ground on my factory ecu. Many thanks for the guide it helped make sure I wasn't going mad.... tnx.

My next question ive bought the ua4c sea fox board as its slim in nature.

Board info states.

4 ignition channels, logic 5V, 330mA max pulse
– 4 injector channels, ground switching
– 4 high current outputs (idle, idle2, boost, vvt)

Ground switching injector output doesn't state max current.
Does the injector output typically work with any injector I just need to work out high or low impedence and go from there?

Edited after reading manual injection section again lol.

Next question...
My first pass will be firing the distributor as per original car setup just for initial ease of use and comparison. Factory ecu did simple timing firing advance over the range the rotor arm.

Can I just measure what my coil signal pin current draw is. If this is under 330ma then drive it off the ecu directly.
Any if any more than 330ma is there a driver or injector u can use. The manual says a bosch 124 is this expensive? If its only for testing I might be better skipping this step and jump to smart cop?

To use the rover wasted spark coils is there a 2 or 4 channel ignitor you could recommend as an alternative when using wasted spark pairs instead of 4 cop.?? The rover wasted spark coil pack looks identical but can't find part number to know what it draws.
Is something like this any good it seems to have protection and plugs nicely built in..

Thanks :D
By Trevor Getty
got it sorted, so the board hasn't enough current to drive the dump wasted spark rover setup with additional drivers.
So I bought the smart wasted spark coil pack with 5v reference for now.

thanks. t.
By dazq
The Bosch 124 4ch drivers can be sourced for under £10gbp , very common unit on VW and Audi
By Trevor Getty
dazq wrote:
Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:04 pm
The Bosch 124 4ch drivers can be sourced for under £10gbp , very common unit on VW and Audi
Thanks very much dazq...
This is exactly what I needed....

I have a smart coil pack Im using for wasted spark setup but for fully sequential I needed the 4 channel drivers... good man.
By Trevor Getty
So next item for my rover project - if I wanted to setup a configurable output pin how would I go about that - I have read the speeduino configurable i/o and have added to the input side Oil Pressure and Fuel Temp, these show as working guages now in TS.

Is there anyway for me to configure a custom output channel say based on one of these channels.

Or is there a section I should read up on, about custom output from speeduino.

I have read this section in the manual about Auxillary IO Configuration, but it deals with aux inputs.

I have found a forum discussion about custom io but its a few years back, and it was being talked about as a feature request. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=493&p=6863&hilit=s ... e+io#p6863

If its still a feature request then i understand, just asking for information, and dont really want to reply to an old post.
Apologies if this is in the wrong location.
By theonewithin
There is programmable outputs available now.

Have you seen that option in TS?

It highly recommend you pike through every single menu in TS to get a rough overview of what's hiding.

There is lots of undocumented or badly documented stuff unfortunately.
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