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Still just bench testing. Playing with settings on v1.00 I'm swaping a 03-72le Into my supercharged geo tracker. I want to be happy with the basic function before I commit. What is sport mode do? I thought this code is for manual control only. I was thinking about making lockup is like a 5th gear so that I don't need another switch. Also is there a simple way to implement a speed or rpm only up shift and down shift for just cruising around town.
The release firmware supports only manual operation.
You select the gear from the shift lever or in sport use paddle shifters.

You can make the overdrive or lockup an additional gear. Configure the output as an additional solenoid then setup the pattern to activate the output in that gear as well as any actual solenoids needed to be in operation.

Auto operation is planned but no definite timeline yet.
Yes there is details on making changes in the wiki.
The safety park/neutral also operates the starter Interlock too
The gearbox it was first tested and designed for was an early 340 that had internal pressure control ( via vacuum iirc) .
There is no pwm in release code , there was some Dev code that someone was testing with pwm shift valve operation but I'm not sure how that worked out( it's been a long time since I did any new work on this due to gpio/pdu Dev)
It's possible we could look into something if it was a simple addon
bpetrozelli wrote:
Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:57 pm
Just looked the trans has a tv cable. So no need for pwm.
That's helpful, .
The gears code was based on my gpio work so setup is very similar.
I will be continuing Dev on this as my boxes are more complex and I don't have the OEM ECU for one of them. I plan on using the OEM ECU on the other just to get operational then switch over later .
Keep us posted how you get on :-)
I made porotype board made for my project. Then realized that my trans needs positive signals not ground. So I used a bank of 5v relays. I had setup the board to use tip120s. I have the trans apart cleaning the valve body and doing the accumulator mod.
prototype shift .jpg
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