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By Twenty95
Hello, let me introduce myself, I come from France and with some friends we are swapping two Fiat Seicento and a Cinquecento with 1.4 t-jets, 500 Abarth engine with 6-speed gearbox and of course a Speeduino as ECU, unfortunately not everything this does not go as planned, we encounter serious problems to run these engines correctly, I would detail this in the dedicated section.
My English being far from being correct I use Google trad so I hope that the technical terms will be understandable.
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By Twenty95
So apparently I'm already in the right section.

We use Speeduino which I made using Github files by ordering Pcb from ebay and components from Mouser and Arduino from Aliexpress it seems to me.
Version V0.4.3 with normally the latest firmware and DSC Dual Signal Conditioner, no map sensor on the Pcb, we use the engine one.
Injectors paired 1/4 on injector 1 and 2/3 on injector 2, Cops paired 1/4 on ignition 1 and 2/3 on ignition 2 via a Bosch 211 module.

First problem, having misread the manual I configured the trigger angle to 114 ° Btdc, but strangely the engine was running very well like that, before the boost ... As soon as the turbo starts to blow the engine starts to run terribly wrong.
We changed the fuel pump, injectors, fuel filter, check for leaks, sensors.
During a tuning session with autotune, great tools by the way, I tried to increase the ignition advance in stages to see what happened, the more I increased the values ​​the better the engine was working. But I think 60 ° is not a consistent value especially for a turbo engine.
So I saw by rereading the manual that the angle should be Atdc so if I do not mistaken 246 °, unfortunately impossible to start like that, while doing tests we noticed that the coils were reversed compared to the connection, ignition 1 controls the 2/3 coils and vice versa, perhaps the bosch 211 connections, we have solved this problem by reversing the wires.
So configured correctly the engine refuses to start. So we decided to calculate the trigger angle ourselves with a lamp, we found 264 ° or something like that I do not know but that's not the problem, thanks to the lamp we see that the ignition is done at the right time, on the right cylinder, there is injection but the engine does not start.
By putting 114 ° back and the coils in the "wrong" direction it starts without even touching the accelerator pedal.
So why does it work with the wrong settings and refuse with the right ones.
So if you have any ideas or have ever been faced with a problem like this because I don't know what to do anymore, thank you and I hope this is understandable, I will try to upload my file tonight because I am at work for the moment.
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By Twenty95
Yes it looks like my trigger wheel setup.
My coils are paired 1/4 on ignition 1 and 2/3 on ignition 2, there is a wire that comes out of each output and it separates before entering the bosch module but if I disconnect ignition 1 I still have coils 1 and 4 which works but I think the problem comes from the bosch 211 module, is it clearer?
Thank you for your answer.
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By Twenty95
jonbill wrote:
Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:05 pm
Is your ignition wired something like this? (from https://www.msextra.com/forums/viewtopi ... 71&t=71113)
(although... on the right side, I think IGN1 should be to ign1+4 and IGN2 should be to 2+3)

And you're saying you disconnect IGN1 and coils 1 and 4 still fire? or...?
Yes that's it, but maybe it's just an inversion of wires, it's not the most problematic I think.
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By Twenty95
Alfagta wrote:
Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:07 pm
the abarth t-jet Engine is direct injection GDI isn't it?
Hi, no it's an indirect injection. In Europe anyway.
I believe it is the 1.4 multiair which is in direct injection.
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By Twenty95
When I had the time I would connect each coil independently and I would set waste cop to rule out this problem. My biggest problem is mainly the fact that it starts with the wrong information and not with the right ones. I would have to calculate the difference in degree between the parameters and the reality when I put 114 °.
It's really confusing.

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